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I’ve shared this space before, but when I updated our bedroom and photographed the final look I realized how poor the pictures were that I took four years ago.  Our closet is very narrow but runs the full length of our master bedroom so it has the potential to hold a lot.  When we moved in this square right inside the closet door always bugged me because it was nothing more than a dumping place.  It is also directly opposite the bed so I went to bed and woke up with this frightful image day in and day out… :-)

January 2013 082

Because the closet is so long, we didn’t need this additional hanging bar.  We *try* to donate clothes frequently and only purchase things we truly love so we really don’t have a whole lot of clothes.  Everything for all seasons, including coats and costumes (I mean, doesn’t everyone keep random costumes on hand?!  It’s my splurge in the purging regimen) fits on the long hanging bars (stacked) to the left of this pic.  What I really wanted here was a beautiful space, some additional storage, and a place to keep my jewelry and perfumes.  Oh, and I didn’t want to spend much at all to accomplish it.


Honey took down the hanging bar and painted the closet to match the bedroom.  We moved the desk to the larger wall and Mother helped me make a slip skirt for it out of very inexpensive seersucker.  Mother also gave me the blue and white men sometime when we were living in our old house, so at least 10 years ago.  I think they were from Bombay Company.


The mirror was moved from the dining room after I replaced it a slightly skinnier/taller version.  The crystal sconces were the splurge of the whole endeavor, although I did get them while on sale from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child.


I showed off all the details on the $25 DIY Ikea stool makeover a few years ago.  I still love this project, although I would use a much sturdier stool if this were in a main living space.


The DIY monogrammed canvas was relocated from the guest bathroom.  I never was really crazy about it in there and think it’s much better suited to my own little personal space.

I turned a bed sheet that goes with my master bedroom bedding into a balloon shade for the window for less than $10 worth of supplies at JoAnn and Home Depot.  (How very Scarlett O’Hara, no?)  I have searched high and low on the internet to try and figure out what the pattern of this bedding was because I get asked often.  It was purchased about fourteen years ago from Yves Delorme and has a Pierre Fray label but that’s all I know.


The silver tray was a wedding gift.  Sister gave me the gorgeous shell (One Fish Two Fish) for my birthday one year.  The little ring box was a wedding gift from a very special family and I’ve used it every day for almost 15 years.  The Wassaw Conch painting was a gift from precious Catherine Lovett.




Paint – Benjamin Moore Pale Oak (walls) and Benjamin Moore Alabaster (trim)
Floor – unstained white oak
Fabric – blue and white seersucker from JoAnn $3.99/yard on sale (fyi…I would recommending seeing this in person before buying.  It’s fine for what I needed but a great “you get what you pay for” example in my opinion.)
Crystal Sconces – Restoration Hardware Baby & Child
Wassaw Conch painting – Catherine Lovett

I still love waking up to this view…

… and that it is a true extension of this space.

In the spirit of keeping it real, I’ve still got this eyesore to tackle.  It is going to take a lot of time, money, sweat and likely tears to get through this project, which is why it keeps getting bumped.  Every year we say “next year”, but we had another leak over the Christmas holidays and I fear we really do need to make it a priority in 2018.  Right now the tub is totally out of commission and there is a giant hole in the tile AND in the potty room where we had to get to the pipes to cut the water.

January 2013 081

I hope that y’all liked this peek into an odd little corner of my closet.  Sometimes it’s the strangest spaces and the smallest updates that make me most excited!!  (ie. the hall closet is another great example)

Happy (almost) Easter!! We have been out of town the last two years so my boys haven’t had Easter baskets or an egg hunt since 2014.  Some bunny better get hopping.  :-)


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  1. This is such a lovely, elegant little space – and it reminds me of my Mama. ? A perfect extension of your serene bedroom! xo

  2. So jealous of that dressing area! What a perfect spot to get ready for your day. And I loved that you kept it real and showed your master bath. All in good time.

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