40 Bags, Earth Day + Underwear

I’d guess y’all are scratching your heads on where I’m going with this one.  :-)

40 Bags

I’ve continued to work my way through my 40 bags in 40 days Lenten decluttering challenge.  I have skipped around a little from the dates I originally determined, based on time and other things going on.  The few remaining spaces require Honey’s help and will have to happen on weekends from here on out.  That being said, it has been WONDERFUL!!  I have donated to Goodwill, a local Catholic charity, Hanes (more below), family and neighbors, and seeing all of that stuff going out the door has had a secondary effect of making me not want to purchase anything during this time.  I’ve had a few questions about what I’m finding to clean out and believe me, I’ve been surprised at how much stuff we had hanging around that wasn’t being used.  Most of it is toys, games, books, movies and clothes that have been outgrown.  There are a few decorative items that I’ve held on to from our old house that didn’t have a place here.  And, I did a pretty solid clean out of my kitchen dishes, cups, seasonal items, and even unused bakeware.  A lot of it has been just as much about the organizing as the cleaning out.

Earth Day

One of the places that I was excited to donate through is Hanes!  I had the pleasure of getting to know a lot more about this company and their products at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration and learned about their Give Back Box.  In celebration of Earth Day (April 22), Hanes has partnered with Give Back Box to make it super easy to give new life to your old clothes.  Here’s how it works:

1.Pack up your gently used clothes and shoes you wish to donate in any shippable box.

2. Go to Hanes.com/GiveBackBox to download and print your FREE shipping label.

3. Hanes not only donates your clothes to a person in need, but for every box received they also donate NEW underwear to those who need it most.

4. Hanes sends YOU a coupon via email with an offer for 20% off a future purchase.

It’s a great idea and SO easy!!


Since we’re on the topic of undies, I thought I’d reach a little outside of my comfort zone and share this…  One of the things we got to do at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration was have a personal shopping experience with Hanes.  A couple of weeks ago a giant box arrived with the products Whit helped me choose :-)  It is all nice but there are three things I wanted to point out in particular:

1.boys X-temp boxer briefs – my boys have a real issue with finding comfortable underwear.  We’ve done briefs, boxer briefs, boxers, and just nothing at all (this is not mommy approved but it happens, ha!).  They both LOVED these boxer briefs so much that we’ve ditched all other undies in our drawers and I bought two more packages of these to get them each through a week.  Here’s what they like – they don’t ride up, they are very thin and don’t feel bulky or hot, they don’t cinch them around the waist or legs, they don’t have a tag, and they feel like they aren’t wearing anything at all :-).  I found them at Target but I recently saw them at WalMart as well.  Check them out!!

2. the ladies oh so light wirefree bra – I was a real skeptic on a $12 bra but I LOVE it. Similar to the boys undies, you barely know you’re wearing it.  I don’t want to go into a ton of details here because… underwear… but let it suffice to say that I’d buy another one.

UPDATE on the bra, due to popular demand…  I have only had the bra for 2 weeks and I have only worn it for 1 BUT here are my thought so far.  It does not ride up.  It fits me well and I don’t miss the underwire in my other bra AT ALL (I only have these 2, other than sports bras! Before this one I had 1 that I wore!!!!)  It leaves no lines under your shirt and just a very very smooth look, which I love.  The straps are adjustable and the back has three different notches to ensure a good fit.  I have not found that the back rides up, which is good.  It is very, very lightly covered in foam (?) but not padded or push up – both things I don’t like.  The straps stay on my shoulders and don’t slide off, another thing I’ve had a problem with.  I have washed it and hung it to dry and it came out just fine.  I much prefer the look it gives over a sports bra.  My other bra is more structured and has underwire and I will still wear that when dressing up, I think.  But this is a fabulous everyday very comfy bra.  If you have other questions, please just ask!  I know that bras are very personal and what fits one won’t fit another but this is definitely worth a try next time you’re at Target or Walmart!

3. Elsa’s little paws peeking in.  Y’all, this dog never leaves my side.  <3

With that, thanks for bearing with me for all of these random thoughts and talks of “unmentionables.” When the box arrived I honestly didn’t intend to share underwear reviews outside of an Instastory but my feelings were legit. :-)




18 thoughts on “40 Bags, Earth Day + Underwear

  1. I’ve slacked off on my 40 days purge but plan to finish even if it’s after Easter. I will have to get the boxer briefs for my son. He’s really picky with his underwear. He has to wear white ankle socks to school and I just picked up a package at Target of the Hanes style that I have bought in the past but the updated version now has grey colored soles so that after the first wearing they aren’t all dingy and I guess it’s a little sad but that made me all happy!

    1. It will take me until after Easter as well but I’m going to finish! I hear you on the gray socks!!

  2. I wish you WOULD go into detail about the bra. I am trying to find one that is comfortable. I don’t like underwires or anything too bulky and structured, but sports bras don’t always look good under nice tops. Tell us! You could always label the post “For Ladies Only”. :)

  3. I agree with Lisa. I cannot stand sports bras because I feel like they squish everything tighter than Spanx, but I need the support than an underwire offers. Also, my son often chooses not to wear underwear. He refers to those days as “crazy days”. This stems from a time when he was potty training and he thought it was crazy that I let him be “naked in the bottom”, with a long shirt for a few hours. I told him sometimes we just have days be to be crazy. It stuck. He’s now 11, and had a crazy day last week….But with pants.

  4. I see nothing wrong with sharing about underwear….this is 2017 :-) I’m switching over to more bras without underwire after many years of that style only and it is hard to find a good product. Bras that fit and wear well are as hard to find as swimsuits….so individual. How did this one wash and dry? Does it ride up without the underwire? So many features to consider. And the thought that a $12 bra could be the answer seems almost impossible….so this is a helpful post. Maybe other readers have good suggestions and finds. I think you will have an audience for the topic. Thanks.

    1. HAHA! My DAD reads this blog :-) Anyway, I have updated the post with my thoughts. I hope it helps!

    1. Shoot! It must have just came up because when I bought the two more packs of undies I searched and there wasn’t one. They DID have a sticker on pack to save $1.50 each though!

  5. LOVE THIS!!! I’m SO using the shipping box idea to unload some of the MANY clothes we’ve sorted through since the move- and they have an option for pick-up from home, which is SO convenient!
    The bra is now on my shopping list, too. Because, reasons.
    And lastly, I sent out a few packages last week and included a little note in each one on the sweet Trunks Up cards you graciously gifted me way back when– and I just saw them in the photo above! :)
    Thanks for sharing. XO

    1. Yes! The box is genius!!! I am so glad you enjoyed the cards. I thought of YOU when I started designing them!! xoxoxo

  6. My boys also LOVE LOVE the x-temp boxer briefs, for all the same reasons your boys mentioned. I like them because they are long – and with look leg basketball shorts, that’s a must.

    Thanks for sharing your reviews!

    1. I’m so glad I talked about them because I really almost didn’t. Feels very validating that other boys love them too :-) xo

  7. My 3 teenage boys love that underwear too! Two of them are in the adult version now & I buy them in “long” which is sooo genius!! My boys are tall & the regular sizes started to ride up bc they were too short in length. Just thought I would mention in case anyone else was having this problem. I know your boys are still young but my guys started wearing Adult Small in the long length when they were around 12ish. It seems like boys literally “grow up” overnight. One morning they wake up & walk into the kitchen for breakfast & they’re towering over you & covered in hair!! Sad but true …

    1. Mine are already in the youth L so I hear ya. They are still in elementary school! I will def look for the long length – prob in the next year. Ahhhh!

    2. Gigi…My 11yo needed men’s size cleats for baseball this season. It hurt my heart. And my pocketbook, they were $25 more than kids version of the same pair!

  8. Dear Amanda, now you have me wanting that Hanes bra! I am sick of wearing an underwire while working in the yard and sweating! And don’t worry about Daddy-O! You may recall he has even had to go to the drug store for some feminine products for his “girls” in desperate situations! Love, Marme

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