The Fruits of Our {Yard} Labor

We have spent at least a little time every nice day since Easter working in the yard.  We’ve been trimming and planting and fertilizing and transplanting and spreading pinestraw for hours.  You know the drill.

Back when we had the terrible snowmageddon (remember when Honey slept in the car on the highway?!) we lost a bunch of our baby shrubs along the front here.  I kept thinking they would come back, miraculously sprouting new life, but I finally came to terms with the fact that they were dead as a door nail.

The boxwoods at the front door and the otto luken laurels in front of the windows have all done great.  But, in the beds we replaced five dwarf kliem’s hardy gardenias and four autumn moon azaleas.  I also divided some of my daffodils.  Whew!

Around back we trimmed the shrubs on the back of the fireplace and planted a few more hostas under the fountain.  In the narrow bed along the length of the porch we just put in six himalayan sweet box.  They are so tiny you can’t even see them in this pic :-)

You can’t see much other than sporting equipment and a random table here, but we transplanted a couple of struggling azaleas from the front to the back here and also added a few hydrangeas.

Look at the hawk!  He watched me the whole time I was out here taking pictures.

We trimmed the shrubs here along the path and fertilized the hydrangeas in hopes that they will do better this year.

I’ve shared our hammock and how much we’ve all been enjoying it.

And I already told y’all about the new raised garden beds!


You can read about my favorite plants for my pots and my few meager planting tips HERE.

This is the tidiest our yard has looked since we first landscaped back in 2013.  It feels SO good to have it under control and to be able to enjoy being in the yard without it feeling like a noose around our necks.


PS. Mother listed her limited edition patriotic summer tassel bracelets in the Dixie Delights Shop on Monday.  The blue sold out but there are still reds left!


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2 thoughts on “The Fruits of Our {Yard} Labor

  1. You just described perfectly how I feel about our yard right now – a noose around our necks. This weekend is the weekend we’re planning to get everything back under control!

    Everything in your yard looks lovely. There’s just nothing like the classic Southern combination of azaleas, gardenias (try August Beauty – they are never fail for me, despite the weather) and hydrangeas! xoxo

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