The Lilly Hammock

I don’t know what took me so long but I’ve finally been enjoying the Lilly hammock that I had to risk life and limb to get at the Lilly x Target event two years back.  Other than the rain late last week, it’s been perfect weather to be outside.  We’ve been doing a ton of yard work as well, so it’s so nice to sit back every now and then and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

I’ve been loving having a few minutes with these two after the bus to share the details from our days.

It’s no small miracle that this one hasn’t dumped me out into the sweet gum balls.  She LOVES laying in the hammock.

I kid you not when I say the entire family has enjoyed it.  Even this sweet princess.  I made Sister lay in it with me earlier as well.

I swear this little piece of fabric makes me really quite happy.  There’s just something so relaxing about laying out under the canopy of the trees with your family.  Or puppy.  :-)

I can’t wait to share all the details of Whit’s first communion.  I just have so many pictures to sort through!  Thank you all for your love as he has prepared for this the last few weeks.


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8 thoughts on “The Lilly Hammock

    1. Aw!!! Yes, the porch swing will be great!! I debated between a swing and a dining table on the porch.

  1. Do you leave it out or bring it in between uses? We have a strong hammock at our family beach house that stays out & weathers well. Always wondered how fabric hammocks fair being left out?

    Enjoy!! Love relaxing & reading in the hammock! Talked my son into asking for an ENO hammock for his birthday so I don’t have to share this summer!!!

    1. I have been leaving out for a couple days at a time. But we had cold, rainy weather move in last week so I brought it inside. I just fold it up on the porch when I do bring it in so it is not too much trouble.

    2. Also, I am probably over cautious because where would I ever find a new Lilly hammock?! Our teenage neighbors have ENOs. They are really cool!

  2. So cute! We’ve been thinking of getting a hammock and I loved this one when Target offered it. What a madhouse that promotion was! Ha! At least I scored my Victoria Beckham bee blouse and scarf on their recent collaboration. The quality is amazing!

    Little CeeCee looks precious…I can’t wait to read all about Whit’s day. :-) Greetings from the Atlantic! So happy to be here.

    1. Oh, the bee stuff was so cute!! I got a darling retro looking top with scalloped sleeves and hem.

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