May Flowers Out Front

I usually put my Brownyn Hanahan monogrammed flower pot hanger out the first of May but wanted to leave the cross up until after first communion.  I snapped a few pics of our cheery Spring entry while waiting on the bus.  The lighting is a little odd, but you get the gist :-)

My ferns are looking good and the pups got a bunch of colorful ribbons to match the flowers.  I just noticed that I need to move the ribbons on the right dog over to the other side.  You can still see our bird nest peeking out at the top of the right column.  Mama bird is keeping watch over her eggs.  I haven’t seen any sign of babies yet.

The fun and colorful bike door hanger is out on the friends entry.  I’ve been loving the cool mornings this spring.  One of my gardenias here is just starting to bloom.  They are all three covered in buds so I am excited for them to open.  You can also see that my pot with shamrocks and petunias is hanging in there.

I’m volunteering at second grade field day today.  The whirlwind month is in full swing!



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4 thoughts on “May Flowers Out Front

  1. Miss Amanda,

    Do you repot your ferns or do leave them in their original containers and set them in the urns?

    Also, what kind of sun do your ferns get as to last so long for the season?


    1. Hi Lainy, I repot them in my urns. They are usually pretty root bound by the time I get them so this gives them room to grow and I don’t have to water them as frequently. They are mostly shaded by the porch overhang, but do get a little full sun in the late afternoon when it is setting. I hope that helps!

  2. Very pretty. My only negative comment is where is Elsa? Just kidding; can’t believe she wasn’t in the door like she usually is. LOL.

    1. Haha! I think she was running around in the shrubs. She’s not one to sit and pose for nice pictures :-)

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