Whit’s First Communion

We celebrated Whit’s first communion on the most beautiful day last weekend!

I shared his invitations, note cards, prayer cards and gift from us a couple of months ago when I first started putting plans together.

And, with the exception of greatly missing my parents, the day was perfect for our little Cookie.  I can hardly believe how very grown up and mature he already is at just eight years old.

Our parish does a wonderful job at celebrating sacraments and everything inside was beautiful.

Be still my heart…

I really couldn’t have asked any more of this day.  John was an altar boy at the celebratory mass.  The church was completely full – every pew and the entire balcony – with first communicants and their families.

We had with us Sister’s family, Uncle C and Aunt M, and Whit’s grandma Juju.

My dear friend M took this photo for me of Whit at the cup.  I was a Eucharistic Minister for the general congregation so I was able to witness his first communion from the very front of the church.  It took all I had to not drop my plate.  He is such a beautiful child, inside and out.  And, in my line of sight the whole time was also big brother.  <3

There was a huge line at the front of the church for pictures afterwards and the boys were itching to change clothes so we just took a sole family photo to commemorate the occasion in the corner :-)

I’ve shared pictures and stories of “Cookie” and “Nutty” since they met at age three.  They are such good, true friends and her family means so very much to us.

You can see the disrobing began before we were barely out the door.  Whit with Aunt M and Uncle C…

And Whit with the proud godparents…

After mass we headed back to the house for a lunch of Whit’s favorites.  He requested and approved every item on the menu.  And he is totally my child when it comes to food.

I conveniently used our linen napkins with just a “W” monogrammed on them, and pulled out the china and silver.  We had chicken salad, salad, cheese straws, fruit, pimento cheese, pickled okra and cake on the menu!  The chicken salad was from Chicken Salad Chick and the sweets and cheese straws from our favorite Atlanta bakery, McEntyre’s.

I made a few small arrangements earlier in the week and used them on the porch and inside.  I kept the cross candles out after Easter and pulled my Mary down from my bathroom.

Our little party favors were cake squares and prayer cards.

We had a nice little meal on the porch and the kids played hard in the yard.

Whit adored his St. Francis medal, chosen because of his middle name and his love of animals and has worn it every day since.

Sister gave him the same figurine she gave John.  It is so sweet and I put it in the cabinet in his room.

Our family banner is now complete.  It hung on the pew at the mass and I want to frame it to hang in the house now.

We record all of our sacraments in our family Bible.  Whit asked to write his own.  I will treasure having this to look back on – his sweet 2nd grade penmanship and misspelled first name :-)

The boys were in play clothes before I could blink twice but Sister was nice enough to snap a pic of Honey and I.

And our littlest baby…

It was such a beautiful day.

With most of the people we love most in the world…

I wore my Draper James dress and carried my monogrammed purse that Mother and Daddy-O gave me on my wedding day.  I want to wear that dress to every occasion in the foreseeable future.  I LOVE it!

I so wish that my parents could have made the trip, but Daddy-O was not yet well enough to travel.  They were able to watch the whole mass online and ended up with one of the best seats in the house.  They were greatly missed, however.  <3

Whit’s first communion took my breath away.  I felt as if I would overflow with love for that child and his tender heart.  May God bless him every day of his life.


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22 thoughts on “Whit’s First Communion

  1. What a precious, momentous occasion for sweet Whit and your entire family. These are the moments we treasure as mothers. ✞ xo

  2. Such a beautiful day indeed! It is those moments that we hold dear for life. Mine are 27 and 25. That dress is a sure wear to every special occasion. It is beautiful.

  3. Oh my goodness. This is such a special post. So proud for Whit and for your family.
    PS- I never knew Whit is short for Whitfield!! Love that!! Very southern.

    1. Thank you so much! Whitfield is a family name on my mom’s side! When we looked through the family tree for possible names, we knew this was the clear winner. <3

  4. congratulations to Whit on his first communion. I have really enjoyed watching and reading about your precious family and the milestones along the way. i can’t believe how big your boys are getting.

  5. Every single photo is so beautiful and full of love. I am very happy your parents could see Whit online, at least and know you it will be wonderful for all of you to be together again soon. I couldn’t help notice John’s hair being identical to his dad’s. :-) What precious boys and you looked gorgeous. May God bless you always, Whit.

    1. Thank you Jane. Yes, they had a very good view but we sure did miss them being there in person. John and Honey are like twins. Looking at him you might not think he has any of my DNA. But then he acts just like me so that clears up any confusion :-) HA!

  6. Congratulations, Whit, on your first Communion. What a wonderful sacrament. And how special it was to have your momma and your big brother as EOM and altar boy while you took communion!

  7. Our oldest granddaughter also received her First Holy Communion this past Sunday. You are a rock star to be able to serve as Eucharistic Minister while he received the Body of Christ for the first time. I would have been a big, weepy, puddle! Our parish also had the May Crowning of Mary. Those precious little Junior Daughters of Christ each processing in and placing their flowers before the statue of the Blessed Mother makes me cry every time. Congratulations and God’s blessings on Whit and the entire family.

    1. How beautiful! Yes, it was very hard to hold it together up there. I kept looking at my two boys thinking I’d burst with love. <3

  8. What a very precious family day. May God’s love and blessings always shine down on your beautiful family!

  9. Our twins,son and daughter,made their First Communions just before they turned 13 and it was beautiful! The daughter picked out a cute,poofy,sleeveless communion dress and matching veil and wanted to wear lace anklets,so we got her them and the white patent leather shoes.Under her dress,she wore the traditional white rubberpants with a camisole as her top.The son wore a dark colored suit and white shirt and tie.At their party,everyone thought the daughter looked gorgeous and she was the main center of attention!

    1. We have a set of twins-son and daughter.It wasnt untill they were 14 that they finially made their First Holy Communions in the class with the 7 year olds.Our parish is strict and has a dress code for the First Communacants. The boys had to wear a white suit and ty and the girls had to wear the poofy,short sleeve,knee length communion dress and veil with white tights and white ‘mary jane’style shoes.Under their dresses,the girls had to wear a white tee shirt with a cloth diaper and rubberpants under their white tights.I made the daughters diaper by sewing a package of 10 Gerber flat cloth diapers in the 24×27 inch size together to make one diaper out of them.It was pinned on her with white diaper pins.The Religious Ed.Director told me that since the little girls wear toddler size rubberpants over their diaper,that the daughter should wear the toddler size also.I was lucky enough to find a pair of white toddler super large size rubberpants for her to wear over her diaper.They fit her a little snug,but werent uncomfortable.The daughter wasnt overly happy about having to wear the diaper and rubberpants,especially since she was 14.She looked very cute and pure in her outfit.Towards the end of their party,i took the diaper off of her and she wore the rubberpants under the tights up untill bedtime and when she took them off,she had a mild rash.

    2. To Cheryl F.-Our 12 year old daughter made her First Holy Communion a week and a half ago on June 6 in the class of 2021.I too did the rubberpants with a tee shirt under her communion dress.I got them in plain white from a website and big enough to fit her comfortably.She is going to be one of two flowergirls in a wedding in august and she is going to wear the rubberpants again under her flowergirl dress.

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