Summer in the Bedroom

I don’t do a full swap out of decor for each season, but I do love to add a few touches here and there.  When Lynch Creek Farm asked if I’d be interested in a wreath, I was excited to see the options.  I loved their live Christmas wreath on my porch and left it up for a full month after the holiday.  I ended up choosing the Northwest Salal and, since y’all know I love my painted door hangers, I added this one to the master bedroom!

I’ve been keeping a few clippings of hydrangeas and gardenias from the yard on my bedside table all summer.  I think these green hydrangeas with the green wreath and the painted bed side table all just look so cool and soothing.   The wreath arrived fresh but has dried and will still be lovely for weeks to come.

You can see more pictures of our bedroom in THIS POST, along with links to various DIY projects, paint colors and sources for everything possible.

I know y’all are probably missing Miss Elsa from my pictures today.  She was out chasing squirrels in the rain and refused to come inside to pose for photos.  HA!


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7 thoughts on “Summer in the Bedroom

  1. This is so unrelated to your gorgeous bedroom decor choices, but since you mentioned Elsa…. how do you keep Elsa from running out of your yard? We are thinking about buying on a golf course where no fences are allowed and I wonder how we will keep our very friendly and inquisitive labrador away from the golfers and their golf balls!

  2. So pretty! I love that you mounted it over a mirror like that. I have a giant mirror in my dining room that looks so lonely and boring by itself. I may try a look like that and see how it goes.

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