Deck the Halls 2016 {Porch}

It has been such a mild winter and fall so far that we’ve enjoyed the porch more than I can ever remember!  It’s so warm, in fact, that we’ve only had one fire.  And since it was 73 degrees the day I took my pics I couldn’t even bare one just for ambiance :-)


I love to scatter blankets and greenery around the porch for Christmas.



I went with a very simple chalkboard this year, with one of my favorite carols.


I was so excited to add a real wreath to the porch this year, courtesy of Lynch Creek Farm.  I swear, opening the box was like opening Christmas!  It smells divine.


I’ve got the usual hot chocolate and s’mores station set up out here, although it’s been too hot for either!


Unfortunately, my tree didn’t happen this year.  Honey put it up and it lit up perfectly.  But then when I went to decorate it a few days later … no lights at all!  It was inside last year and we had a lot of trouble with the lights so I got a new one for the den and moved this one to the porch.  I didn’t feel like going out and buying strings of lights to hang on it so we just pitched it and will hopefully score a new one after the holidays for next year.


This marks the end of my Deck the Halls holiday home tour.  I sure have loved having y’all!



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8 thoughts on “Deck the Halls 2016 {Porch}

  1. Amanda, the porch always looks amazing all year! Living in Atlanta too we enjoy our back screened in porch too. But it always seems to have a thin layer of dust/dirt on everything! Can you share your tips and secrets for maintaining it? Do you cover it all daily or use certain outdoor specific decor, etc? I just can’t seem to find the right routine and thus we use it less because of the prep to get it ready to use. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you! We do get a little dust. I probably wipe down the railings and table tops every 1-2 weeks and when I sweep the floor I also brush off the cushions. Its really only bad during pollen season and I cover everything up and shut the porch down during those weeks. We have pretty deep eaves and it’s a few feet up off of the ground so I think that helps minimize the dirt and dust.

  2. Your whole house looks fantastic! I enjoy your blog so much! I have a wire container like the one you have on your porch table. I filled it one year with gold balls and this year with gold sprayed pinecones and greenery.

  3. Oh thank you for sharing your beautiful home. I have been so looking forward to seeing your porch. I want to be you — so talented and gracious. I’ve saved enough oyster shells (I think) and have planned to do the oyster shell chandelier for a couple of years now. I’m just scared to start. Maybe 2017 will be the year. Thanks for all your inspiration.

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