2 Easy Ways to Hang Christmas Wreaths

I received a ton of questions about how we hang our wreaths after my last How to Make Christmas Bows video.  I wanted to follow up with a few tips and tricks.  There are two ways to hang wreaths and we have done both:

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  1. Suction Cups
    • You will want to make sure the outside of your window AND the back of the suction cup is clean and dry before you start.
    • I use a mixture of these VERY GOOD locking suction cups (on the top story) and regular large suction cups (Michael’s).  I’ve had the locking suction cups for years and they are fantastic.
    • We hang our top story from the inside of the house.  Honey opens the window from the bottom up, wipes it down, and then attaches the suction cup to hang the wreath.


2.  Ribbons

  • We used this method on  our old home and I loved the look.  Now that I’m thinking about it, I might bring it back here next year.
  • For this one, you will need to have double hung windows, that open top down as well as the usual bottom up.
  • Simply cut an extra length of ribbon that matches your bows.  You loop it around the top of the wreath and tie it in a knot at the tail end.
  • Open your window from the top down.  Holding on to the knot, lower the wreath out of the window and close the window so that the knot catches on the inside and the wreath can’t slip out.  If you’re worried about your wreaths flying off the windows using suction cups, this way is great!  They did sometimes get twisted when it was really windy and we had to open the window from the bottom up and flip them back around.


If you missed the original video on how I make the bows (it is SO easy and takes a few minutes), START HERE!

I have all of mine up now and just need to take pictures now that the littles are back in school.  My favorite 12 Days of Christmas home tour starts Friday so I have a deadline to keep me motivated :-)
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3 thoughts on “2 Easy Ways to Hang Christmas Wreaths

  1. I have used both methods – only instead of suction cups I use large command hooks. Ours practically stayed twisted with the ribbons, so although the look is lovely (I like it much better, actually) I’m stuck with hooks.

    Can’t wait to see your tour pictures! xo

  2. I always love the look of wreaths over windows. Unfortunately, we keep our screens on so it doesn’t work for us. I know houses look so much prettier without screens but we open up our windows every chance we get. My husband also likes to sleep with the window cracked to smell the fresh air…yes even in the dead of winter. Nothing like adding to the heating bill! And he thinks I am the one who wastes money… Your house looks gorgeous by the way – can’t wait for the tour!

  3. …AND he washes windows?!!
    “Somewhere in your youth or childhood…” :-)

    The wreaths are classic and your Christmas posts are always fabulous! I am also anxiously awaiting your home tour and have already spied the gingerbread house and Spode, as I know other have. ;-)

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