Daily Delight {How to Make Christmas Bows}

I’ve been a busy little elf decking the halls for Christmas this past week!  When I pulled out my wreaths that go on the windows I realized it was time to make new bows.  Get the step by step tutorial in my latest Daily Delight video.  It’s quick, easy and inexpensive!  You can use the same process for ALL of your Christmas bows – from tree toppers to garlands to wreaths.


UPDATE 11/27: I received a bunch of questions on how to hang the wreaths.  See THIS POST {2 Easy Ways to Hang Christmas Wreaths} for all the details!!

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My pile of 18 bows is currently stacked on the dining room table as I don’t decorate the outside until the day after Thanksgiving.  The pic above is from 2015 with a very fluffy Elsa.

As always let me know if there is a topic you’d like to see me discuss on video.  I already have two more Christmas DIYs in the hopper!

 I also want to thank all of you for the love yesterday.  You are truly the best.  <3
Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

17 thoughts on “Daily Delight {How to Make Christmas Bows}

  1. Amanda,

    I love the classic wreaths and bows on your beautiful windows. Just gorgeous!

    When we moved in four years ago I did ten wreaths and bows for our new (to us) home. It was a lot of work to make all the bows, but every year after theEpiphany i take them down and hang them on a curtain rod hung in the attic and cover with a old bed sheet to protect them.

    They still look great and I can’t wait to put out this Friday morning.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Betsy Gordon

  2. Loved your tutorial – I need all the bow making help I can get! Can’t wait to see your home all decked out for Christmas! xo

  3. great tutorial!! Can’t wait to freshen up my bows. How do you hang your wreaths? What have you found the best way for them to stay on during the winter? We have used wire to hang them down from the window trim, but would love any and all ideas. Command hooks? Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Hi, Amanda! I LOVE your tutorial, and your bow looks great! I, also, love your Georgia accent! Wishing you and your family a happy Thanksgiving! xoxo PS I’m looking forward to your Christmas posts and seeing all your decorating. Your house is so beautiful! xoxo

  5. Hi Amanda!
    Love this; I bought 8 wreaths last year after Christmas on sale, so this will be my first Christmas hanging them all up. How do you attache your wreaths and do you have Christmas lights in them? I have been struggling to find battery lights that are waterproof and the thought of wiring them all with timmers is making my head hurt (lol). Any advice would be wonderful! Thanks and happy thanksgiving!

  6. Love it! Thank you! How big are your outdoor wreaths? (24″/18″?) Also- how do you hang them on the windows? Have you found a suction cup hook that works for you?

  7. Great tutorial Amanda. I’ve already hung my wreaths this year first time ever before Thanksgiving! I’ve bought cheap ready made bows in the past but I’m keeping your tutorial in mind for next year as I’ll buy my ribbon after Christmas sales.

    As to some of your readers wanting to know how you hang your wreaths, I use the Command poster strips and hangers which work beautifully. I’ve never had a problem with them and you use remove the strip after the holiday and reuse the hook. Hope this helps with that question.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to one of the happiest elves I know of :)

    I have a Daily Delight idea for you, if you think you could get the participation. Your parents are two of the most dear people I’ve encountered in blog form. For Valentines Day, I’d love to see a Q&A with you and Honey, your parents, and even Sister and her mister. Would love to hear thoughts from all of you on parenting, marriage, anything at all!

  9. Hi Amanda! Your bow tutorial as well as the information on how to hang the wreaths has inspired this old gal to hang 4 wreaths from my upstairs windows! The link to the suction cups was awesome as well, I just clicked and ordered! I appreciate all of your hard work and time you take to show your readers how you decorate your beautiful home!

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