Last Look at the Brother’s Room

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Whit has moved into his own room after sharing his brother’s since the very first night he came out of his crib.  John’s one ask before middle school was to trade in his twin beds for one big one.  We are moving down that path slowly but surely and before I dismantle this sweet room, I wanted to give y’all one last look.

The room was originally two, but a previous owner took out the wall between them to make one giant room.

I bought these twin beds when John was two and love them so much that I won’t be parting with them.  I don’t generally hang on to things with no immediate purpose but one day I might have some grands that will want to sleep over.  Right?!

Most of the room will stay the same.  He is still happy with the decor.  I actually ordered him new bedding but we realized that the quilts he’s been using are queens and the twin duvet will look fine folded at the bottom of a bigger bed so we decided to keep them and save a lot of money.  This rug has been gone ever since someone got sick one fateful night. It was way too small anyway and I am finally going to splurge on a rug that fits the room.

The silhouette pillows will probably get moved downstairs, but he is keeping the stripes and ikat dots.  The bears have been tucked away already.  He loves these sheets and we ordered them for the new bed already.

The light fixture won’t work with just one bed and he would like a ceiling fan so I think we will go that route.  I’ll probably move the two reading lights to hang on each side of the big bed.  Honey is thrilled to patch all these holes.

I am pretty sure that we will relocate the desk to double as a bedside table and then move the bookcase here on this wall.  I hate the color of that bookcase so I might paint it.  If only Mother would come to town and help.  She’s the best do-er of all.  (hint hint)  Speaking of Mother, this was her childhood desk.  She passed it down to me and now I have passed it down to John.  Three generations of love…

Since we scrapped our original plan of a FULL redo to just an update, we are hoping to add a really comfy chair, a bean bag and a mini basketball hoop to the tween space.  I’ll share all of the details along the way!!

You can find all of the sources and many more details on his room in this post that I wrote pack in 2012.  Can I just say that those five and a half years flew by?!

Last but not least, I am wishing Mother and Daddy-O a HAPPY Anniversary today!!!!


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18 thoughts on “Last Look at the Brother’s Room

  1. I always love seeing the room. I am sure it is bittersweet to make the changes, though! I always have a hard time changing things in my boys’ rooms. I am interested to see what desk chair you choose. Neither of my kids are happy with theirs and both want something more comfortable…I am happy with anything to keep them at their desks longer! Looking forward to seeing the room evolve!

    1. You know, I’m strangely okay with this update. I feel like we have been going through so much change lately with schools, schedules, jobs, etc. It feels like it is time for an update, you know. Five and a half years is a long time. I had a much harder time getting rid of Whit’s crib!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I know it will still be a beautiful room when you are done updating. I have a pair of brown suede, nail head trimmed, twin headboards I “visit” every few months in my basement. I like to make sure they remain in good condition for future use (grandchildren), too.

    1. Oh, those sound amazing!!!! Yes, I am going to keep these beds in tip top shape. You know, for the next 25 years or so. HA!

  3. I have always loved the pics of that room. Wanted to tell you that if you decide to do a beanbag chair, we have been very happy with the Pottery Barn Teeen one we bought 4 years ago. My 16 year old son is now 5’11 and it’s still comfortable and in good shape. We originally did a much cheaper one that was too small and didn’t last long at all!
    Good luck with the re-do! I know it’s sad to pack away the little boy gear.

    1. You are the second person recently that advised me to go with the PB Teen bean bag. I looked at them and thought I could find one cheaper. Well, I definitely can but the reviews are awful. I think we will just go with PB :-)

  4. Such a sweet room that has served so well! I can’t wait to see his updated tween space! xo

  5. Happy Anniversary to Daddy and Mother!! Please, “O”, please share your wedding portrait with us! May you have a beautiful day celebrating your love and the special family this union created.

    Now, about this unforgettable room…it’s a testament to your incredible design skills. The silhouette pillows will look fabulous in your yellow downstairs and you are wise to hang on to the headboards (though they would have brought a small fortune in a bidding war!)

    I just can’t talk about the teddy bear. :-(

    John’s room will look great and we will all be waiting! If I may suggest, perhaps you can cover the top of his desk with a print and glass, similar to your porch map table, to preserve the original wood. If you do paint it, maybe saving a bit of the original stain would be nice to commemorate its family history.

    Please accept my apologies for rambling too long but I wanted to offer a proper goodbye. <3. This was a favorite room at Christmastime but there's no doubt it will be equally spectacular!

    So…bring on the basketball hoop as we bid a fond adieu to this Hall of Fame Dixie Delights room!

    P.S. Maybe Sister will share some photos of her home to cheer us all up. ;-) (Always worth a shot, girls!)

    1. Thanks Jane! Yes, change is afoot although I really don’t think the room will look all that different :-) I only know of one photo from Mother and Daddy-O’s wedding. Maybe she will dig that out for y’all. And you know I’m still trying to get Sister’s house on the blog!!

  6. So many memories!
    I know these bittersweet feelings as well. Our only son recently bought his first home and needed additional bedroom furniture for a spare guestroom. His bedroom in our home is now completely barren. We had preserved it as he left it in 2004 when graduating HS & off to college (silly, I guess). It makes me so sad now to climb those stairs and see ’empty’. However, now I can redecorate.

    We have all enjoyed this wonderfully decorated Brothers’ Room. You have many years yet before yours are grown; I know its but a blink when you do look back.

    Happy, Happy Anniversary to your sweet parents!

    1. I am so sure! My parents only parted with Sister’s bed when they decided to turn her room into a bunk room for the grands. I now have her bed in Whit’s room. And, ironically, they then redid my bedroom at their house and now CeeCee has my bed in her room at the beach. :-) I know I have years until they are grown but I also know that the last 11 years with John flew by and the next 7 will likely go even faster. I’m holding on tight!

  7. You have to absolutely keep those beds for grands. I have a bunk bed set that mine sleep in now but I’m looking to find two twin beds similar to yours that I’ve been looking for to update the boy grands room so that it would be appropriate for grown up guest too. Wish me luck. I’ve been looking for a year and haven’t quite found what I’m looking for. Looking forward to seeing your update. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I have always loved that room and thought it was so sweet that the boys shared it. All things must change, sigh. :) I am redoing my 6th graders room, and we are trying to keep it a little more sophisticated for my tween girl.

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