Brother’s Room {Before & After}

By the time I finished up the PCP’s room, it was time to put out Christmas and I never got a chance to show you the new look.  You know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words.  Well, take a gander at the PCP’s room on move in day.  It had about as much vanity as a dust mop, what with its blue stained carpet, dark wood trim, outdated ceiling fan and popcorn ceiling.  In the plus column was the size, the two generous windows and the two closets.

April 2009 096

April 2009 095
Just for kicks, here was the inspiration photo…


…and here’s how it looks today!  John expressed his desire to have blue, black and lots of fish in the space.  So we went with that.

Paint – Benjamin Moore Clay Beige (walls) and Benjamin Moore Alabaster (trim)
Floor – unstained white oak
Rug – Ballard Designs Trellis Rug (outlet)
Lantern – Pottery Barn Bolton Lantern (ebay) Reading lights – Pottery Barn Barclay Arc Sconce
Floor Lamp – Ballard Designs Julian Apothecary Floor Lamp (outlet)

Back in the day, it was originally two rooms, but one of the previous owners took the wall down between.  It measures about 14’x24’ now!  Oh, how I wish I could talk to the original builder turned owner.  I’d love to hear more about our home’s history and the other two families that were raised here.

Whit has his own room across the hall, but the two have slept in here ever since he moved out of his crib.  I posed the yay or nay silhouette pillow question on Instagram and ended up going with them.  I figure better here (or under the bed where they will likely end up in two point five seconds) than in a closet.  Mother and I made them from the littles’ actual Clay Rice silhouettes a couple of years ago.  John and I both absolutely ADORE the Skipjack fish sheets by Southern Tide.  It’s one of Honey’s favorite clothing lines and I could hardly believe my eyes when the sheets popped up on their website.  The quilts, duvets and euro shams are all from Pottery Barn, and the little mirrors are from One Fish Two Fish in Savannah.

I tacked fabric up on the back of the bookcase earlier this year to infuse a little of the requested black in the space (Cameron Black by Premier Prints).  The occasional table is Threshold for Target.  I love having all this space to store his ever growing collection of books and such (I use the word “such” for lack of a better word to describe things like a clay pumpkin).

August 2013 431 copy

August 2013 424 copy

August 2013 425 copy
August 2013 426 copy

September 2013 016 copy

I love a good gallery wall almost as much as a bookshelf!  Cause we love our pictures around these parts.  Old Try sent me the Red Ryder print for Christmas last year and I knew the moment I opened it that it would live in here.  In addition to old and current photos, I’ve framed a vintage map of Georgia, our house portraits, a special monogrammed bib, a silhouette, the lyrics to Moon River, his John Derian plate, and some rules I made for always being a Southern gentleman.  Daddy-O made the Donald cross stitch for John.



Mother and I made the curtains a few weeks ago in Robert Allen Linen Duck with Towers by Premier Prints on the trim.  The bamboo shades are from JC Penney and the curtain rods are from Home Goods.  The antique dresser was the first piece of furniture I purchased for his nursery more than eight years ago.  (I know, I know.  Most people would have gone with the crib but it was a fantastic excuse to ensure Honey said YES.)  The fish painting is by the darling Catherine Lovett of Savannah.  I can’t tell you how much I wish I lived near her and could be her friend.  *stalker*  What you can’t see in these photos is the gold leafing.  It’s pretty darn gorgeous!  Sister tied me down and made me buy the wood shell bowl at Home Goods at least two years ago (read: she said she was buying it if I didn’t and I knew it would make me envious every time I saw it at her house).  And it sat in a closet until last week when I filled it up with the boy’s game balls.  Probably not how she intended that I use it, but it works.

November 2013 352 copy

November 2013 350 copy
I was so so so so so SO excited when I found the Home Decorators Marie Arm Chair in the store discounted to more than half off!!!  I had intended to go with the natural herringbone but the price on this was too good to be true.  And, I could just pop it right in the back of the Jeep and carry it home without waiting (or paying) for delivery.  The Accordian Side Table is from Urban Outfitters and holds more of John’s treasures.

Whew!  Last but not least is the little desk area tucked into the corner.  It was Mother’s desk as a child, then my desk as a child, and now I’m honored to be able to pass it down to John.  Mother and I made the “puffer vest” for the old chair.  Not exactly what we had in mind, but good enough.  The gorgeous fish painting is by Angie Reuter.  She’s a very special lady to little John, so he adores having her work in his room.  The LED desk lamp was compliments of Lamps Plus – John chose it himself and I love it’s sleek design!!  My littles love to have places to keep their “treasures” and it took no time at all for John to fill up the wire box.  The silver cup belonged to Honey’s grandfather and now holds John’s loose change.  Honey made the chalk board message center and I tacked up a little clothesline to hang special invitations, pictures and practical things like spelling words.


With that, I think I’ve covered every square inch of the room.  More than you probably ever wanted to know, but I’m nothing if not wordy comprehensive.  I think this space will serve the little one well for years to come.  With that, we’re off to a little STEM thing, tennis, baseball and a dinner party tonight!!


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65 thoughts on “Brother’s Room {Before & After}

  1. I absolutely love everything about this room! It's so beautiful, yet entirely functional. My boys used to sleep in the same room even though they had their own rooms – such a sweet friendship – gotta love brothers!

  2. I just spent so much time scrolling up and down to take it all in. I adore this room and I never realized how HUGE it is! How nice to have such a great space to work with. That fish painting is just perfect and pulls the whole room together. The gallery wall, the pillows…I could go on and on. Fabulous job my dear! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Amanda, it is gorgeous. Sheer perfection. I am so happy to see a classy young man's room, one that is timeless (not filled with Sponge Bob, Star Wars, Etc). They are growing up to appreciate family heirlooms, and to respect the things around them. Kuddos to you!!! I just realized Katie ha the same bed here at home, but in a full. And, I love the drapes. Ballard's just came out with some similar that I am considering using in our library. After seeing them in his room, I am sold! I too would have fought you for that shell bowl. LOL

    1. Ditto! Two of my favorite things are the oysters on the antlers and this wonderful lights centered over each bed. I am such a huge fan of the Hardy Boy series and glad you found them. My brother had the complete set & I had the Nancy Drew series. My mother kicks herself for selling them. It is wonderful seeing so many heirlooms so that the boys grow up appreciating them. (I wish you had a girl for us to get ideas for.) once again, perfection!

  4. I would love to purchase a copy of the How to be a Southern Gentleman print. Will you be putting those on Etsy? I would also love to know how your husband made the chalkboards? I love your blog and this room is fabulous!

  5. Love it all! We have the Marie armchairs as well (in a different fabric) in our living room and it's nice to see how versatile they can be! *Do the JCP bamboo shades block out light or do you draw the curtains at night?
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. They block out a surprising amount of light for not being lined! We haven't yet had to pull the curtains because he is usually up before light. They will be great in the summer when he can sleep in :-)

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! All the special touches are so "you" ~ and I know John loves his room.

    Do you mind sharing the source for the black and white fabric used on the chair and the pillows?


  7. "Bravo" is right! This is absolutely STUNNING! Please, oh, please … can't we all come for a sleepover?! You combine elegance and simplicity unlike any decorating I've ever seen. You should be very, very proud…it's pure perfection. You girls can whip things up with that sewing machine like nobody's business! GOLD MEDAL! Jane ~ San Diego

  8. Can you please tell me what sleeping pillows you use in your home? I value your opinion and can never find one. Thank you!

  9. I'm in love with this room. Every room in your house flows and is unique. I just love your style…and your blog!!! Those curtains are great.

  10. Thank you, Rachel! I totally get it – I love looking at girl rooms :-) I honestly cannot remember where I got them. I ordered them when John was an infant from somewhere in north carolina. I will see if my sister remembers. Sorry about that!

  11. OMG! I LOVE this space and it's an amazing transformation. The light fixture is stunning and I love the black beds and all the finishing touches. One of the best boy rooms I have seen. Pinning!

    – Tasha @ Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body {}

  12. Your son's room is perfection! I have a couple of questions; 1- Will you ever have the rules for being a southern gentleman in your etsy shop? 2- Did you remove the popcorn ceiling finish yourself?

  13. As a Momma of Boys, I absolutely Adore this room! It is the perfect combination of little boy and timeless pieces.
    Thanks for sharing at the Hit Me With Your Best Shot Link Party…Can't wait to see what you've been up to this week!


  14. Keep coming back to admire this space.
    You have the most thoughtful touches.

    I am looking for sconces for my boys beds. I like the Madden, though I have a question…
    the specs of this and many sconces indicate the on/off is on the cord. Seems headboards would make it tricky to reach. Since their internet only I am afraid to purchase without your insight.


  15. Meg – The barclay sconce has the on off switch up near the top of the lamp so it works great with the headboards. It was one of the things that sold me on this one! Amanda

  16. Madden …Barklay. The preppy names PB gives their lines I cannot keep straight. :)

    Thank you for the rapid insightful response!

  17. Love it! Everything!!!! I am looking for new bedding for my boys' bedroom and have been wrestling with the dust ruffle (need it to hide storage but never quite long enough). Did you use a full size quilt on your beds so that they hung to the floor? I could live with a little peak "down-under" while they were in the beds but want everything hidden otherwise. Thanks in advance for the info.

  18. Amanda, how did you make the silhouette pillows? I would love to do something similar with my boys' Clay Rice silhouettes. Have you done any othere neat projects with them? I've thought about Christmas ornaments.

  19. Amanda, I have two little boys myself… and I am as girly-girl as you, so I love reading your blog;)))) I would love to know where I could get a copy or even what the “rules of a gentlemen” framed picture say!! I’d love to have for my 2 little gents;))

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