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I mentioned in my brother’s room kick-off that we would be using all of the existing furniture in the room.  Well, while I do adore this bookcase, I’ve always been little underwhelmed at it in this particular space.  But until I find something perfect and perfectly priced, it’s here to stay (which very well could mean it’s here forever.)  So, in order to jazz it up a little, clean it up a little and give the boy a little of the “black” he requested in his room, I enlisted Mother’s help in covering the back with this funky chevron-ish fabric.

August 2013 431 copy copy

It’s called Cameron Black by Premier Prints (my fave for affordable, trendy threads) and I ordered it with a coupon from for under $7 a yard plus free shipping. It only took two yards for this project for a whopping total of less than $14!!

Premier Prints Cameron Black

I measured, cut the fabric and then stapled it right behind the shelves in no time at all with my handy helper.  It was an easy-up one-day kind of project that’s just right for now.


With everything off of the shelves, I was real choosy about what went back, wanting to clean it up visually, keep it functional (he has lots of books), and have room to display a few special things.

September 2013 013 copy 
I collected the entire lot of vintage Hardy Boys books on ebay over the course of a few months late last year.  It was only after I had them all up on the shelves and he excitedly poured through them that I remembered I was going to give them to him for his “forever” birthday gift this year.  I’m thinking that will just have to happen anyway.  I’m so mad at myself.  Yet, I absolutely adore how they look  in here and am beyond thrilled that he’s already read the first one cover to cover since discovering them.

August 2013 431 copy

August 2013 424 copy

August 2013 425 copy

August 2013 426 copy
 September 2013 016 copy

With that done, I’ve really got to dig deep and find the motivation to make the curtains.  Or maybe if I’m really, super duper nice Mother will come to the rescue.  Pretty please.  With a cherry on top.  I know you’re reading this.

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11 thoughts on “Brother’s Bookcase

  1. It turned out beautifully Amanda. I've been collecting vintage Happy Hollister books and I wish they looked as stylish as your Hardy Boys. That blue makes quite an impact. So glad he is enjoying them too.

  2. I read and had the collection of Hardy Boy books as a child. Of course, I liked Nancy Drew too! Go figure! Heeeeeeeeeeey!!! LOL!
    Love the fabric. You always do the best work:) I miss our parlor patter.

  3. What an impact that fabric makes! The books are perfect coloring for the room and the fact that he likes reading them is even a bonus!

  4. Amanda,
    You never cease to impress! The bookcase is great however I loved your forever gifts post link! Wonderful ideas! I especially loved that you bronzed their baby shoes individually and kept one of each for yourself, genius!! Quick question where did you get them bronzed? And thanks for such great inspiration!!

  5. Love, love the fabric! I'm a black & white in anything person. The blue books look wonderful! I'm sure he's going to appreciate the collection for many years to come.


  6. My son turned 16 in June, but all those books on the shelf look so familiar. I think my son's fav was the Dangerous Book for Boys!

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