Chalkboard Clothes Line

Honey’s been busy as a bee building chalkboards, what between the one for the porch and this new edition to John’s room.

November 2013 224 copy

It hangs behind the door next to the desk area.  I mapped out a J using the same process I did for the baby’s W last year.  I also fashioned a little “clothes line” across the top quarter of the chalkboard using a couple of eyelets (is that what they’re called??), twine and paperclips.  John chose a favorite picture and his marathon invite, and I added their birthday party invites (sneek peek!!) and the week’s spelling words.

November 2013 225 copy

And the very first message to grace the board was chalked up there just in time for Reconciliation this week. It was a favorite the minute I saw it.

November 2013 224 copy3

Happy weekend, y’all!  We’re cookin’ up some chili, hot chocolate and s’mores with one of Honey’s high school cronies tonight so it’s high time I got busy myself!

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