Let’s Talk Laundry

I know, I know… the most exciting subject in recent memory… laundry!!  But, in all reality, I love a solid recommendation from a friend with no skin in the game.  At the beginning of this year a friend from school was raving to a few moms about her Persil laundry detergent.  I guess I tucked that away somewhere in the recesses of my brain and forgot about it.  Well, when I saw it on the end cap at Target earlier this summer and I needed detergent, I decided to try it.  And I LOVE it!!  It smells great and cleans great.

I was previously using Tide powder, which was fine, but I mean it when I say I really like this stuff.  Right now you can find a $2 off coupon on their website.

Happy laundry day, y’all!



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21 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Laundry

  1. Do you find that the liquid cleans as well as the powder? I’m stuck with All Free & Clear because it’s the only brand I can find that’s truly dye and scent free.

    1. I’ve gone back and forth on this so many times. The only thing I don’t use are the pods. I just think they are so pricey. I most recently was on a powder binge for a few years – the boys having dirtier, stinkier clothes and all. It has been my experience that the powder cleaned better than the liquid and it seemed cheaper. Whether or not that is true, I can’t say because I didn’t do the math. I LOVE Persil because it smells so good and cleans as well as the powder. It is heavily scented and bright blue so it probably won’t be a great fit for you. :-)

  2. I try to not be influenced :) but I switched from liquid to Tide powder from your tip.

    Box lasts forever and I like that packaging isn’t plastic.

    Persil powder? Sure

  3. I switched to Persil last year when Paige (The Pink Clutch) raved about it in a review. I love the scent as well. I find it’s the only detergent that leaves a sent on our clothes for days, which I love. It just smells clean! I do use the Tide Pods for travel. Home Depot (of all places!) sells the pods in small 4 ct bags.

  4. Hi! Crazy question but are they full size statcking washer and dryer? I need a set for and wanted to conserve space with the stackable. Wondering if you like them and what brand they are. Thanks for any help/info!

    1. Laura, we have a full-size Samsung washer and dryer that we stacked. When we moved our house had existing cabinetry that made stacking the only option. You just have to purchase a separate stacking kit. It was maybe $50. I love having stacked units and just keep a little folding stool next to the washer. I sit down to put laundry in the washer and to take out of the washer and toss up to the dryer. The Samsung units have been wonderful as well. We’ve had them almost five years now and I do a load just about every day.

    2. Yes! Mine is a full size Samsung. We’ve had it for about 8 years but just stacked it a couple of years ago. We ordered the Samsung stacking kit to do it! I LOVE it because it frees up so much space.

  5. It’s so funny you mention switching detergent! I recently changed to Persil as well and noticed how much “cleaner” our laundry seems! I have 2 boys and then the DH and It’s crazy the difference!

  6. I’m in the same laundry boat as those who need unscented but I tried Persil and you are right….the strong scent lingers for days. Thank you for mentioning that they make an unscented/dye free version, which I will try. I have always been a Tide girl and, like Maria, always carry a few of their pods in my suitcase….double-Ziplocked, which should make your Daddy-O smile. :-)

  7. For years we used either All Free & Clear, then switched to Seventh Generation. Went scent free to see if that would help our daughters migraines, which we later learned were due to a wheat allergy. I’ve most recently been using Mrs. Meyer’s which I love, but have wondered about the Persil since Paige mentioned it. Might give it a try.

  8. I would also like to know if you like having a stacked washer/dryer? I’ve heard pros and cons… What are yours and would you stack again???

    1. Yes! Mine is a full size Samsung. We’ve had it for about 8 years but just stacked it a couple of years ago. We ordered the Samsung stacking kit to do it! I LOVE it because it frees up so much space.

  9. I love Persil, but in an attempt to make healthier choices, I recently tried Nellie’s and love it! It cleans very well (we have 2 boys) and the only thing I miss is the smell of the clothes with regular detergent. To correct that, I put a few drops of lavender essential oils on my dryer balls.

    1. You should avoid using anything lavender around growing boys. you can google the exact effects. A bestie of mine’s son has severe allergies and she brought this to my attention.

  10. I use Gain, normally the powder because it is slightly less expensive. But when we have super smelly clothes left in the hamper too long or baseball uniforms that are well worn, I add a capful of concentrated Lysol to the wash. It gets rid of any weird smell. Vinegar also helps with bad smells, but I find the Lysol to more effective on things like that mildew smell from the wet swimsuit that was left in a sleepover bag for two weeks. I may try Persil though.

  11. I just tried it a couple weeks ago. I loved the smell and thought the clothes were really clean, but I was so incredibly itchy I had to leave work just to change clothes. Using up the last bit of it on kitchen towels. So bummed.

    1. yikes! We don’t have any skin allergies here so hasn’t bothered us. But it is really scented so I can definitely see how it wold bother some!

  12. I tried Persil back when Paige @ Pink Clutch recommended it. The scent is just way too much for me. I was so bummed!

  13. Hate the smell of Persil. It’s one of the leading brands in the UK but you can actually smell people coming! I use Fairy here as it works for my sensitive skin. Washing detergent is one of those things that gets such a hangover from childhood though so I probably partly use it because my mum did!

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