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This blog has opened up a lot of doors for me over the years.  Many are not a just-right fit, I have to respectfully decline.  But then, every now and then, an opportunity comes along that I feel like I was practically made for.  Receiving the invite to join the Chick-fil-A Mom’s Panel was one that had me jumping for joy recently!

I’ve shared my Chick-fil-A favorites over the years out of genuine love for their food and the fact that I’ve received impeccable service, friendly smiles and a helping hand at my local store every.single.time I visit.  I also love how much they pour back into our community – I’ve attended many a school spirit night at Chick-fil-A over the last seven years.  So, it was a natural fit to say YES!!!  I’d love to join!

The fun little welcome kit arrived last week.  I think it must have been my incessant promotion of the Watermelon Mint Lemonade all summer long that got me on the invite list.  *wink*

The Mom’s Panel is a corporate program designed to bring together mom-influencers.  We will get the inside scoop on Chick-fil-A news, provide feedback on new products and programs, and probably get a few treats along the way.  Sounds like something I’ll enjoy!!

Happy Thursday!



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6 thoughts on “Chick-fil-A Mom

  1. You’re perfect for this! I can’t agree more with your love for Chick-Fil-A; I’ve always loved their food, but they secured a forever spot in my heart when as a mother with small children they always went out of their way to set up the littles’ place at the table, bring our food to us and come by for refills and to clear our table. ❤ xo

  2. This makes me a little sad. Love you and your blog, but would have loved a little more thought in announcing that this company fits and was “practically made for you.” There are a lot of people who just don’t feel the same b/c of how the company operates. Not asking you to change your mind, just saying this leaves several people out and could have perhaps used a bit more context as to how you made the decision. Hoping you aren’t offended by this. Looking to just provide an additional context and know that I read your blog regularly and like what you do in general. Thanks!

    1. You are right – that statement is insensitive. I didn’t consider the all-encompassing factor of “practically made for me” when I wrote it or the fact that I didn’t elaborate on my intent. The comment was based on my many past experiences with one specific Chick-fil-A in my neighborhood. Each location is a franchise and I beleive that mine has embraced the entirety of our community. I was not thinking on a corporate level, rather on the only location I intimately know.
      When my kids were little it was one of few really enjoyable places to take them to eat. The food was good and the service was exceptional. It was the only place that had placemats for them, clean highchairs, and an outdoor playground. They even have fresh flowers on the tables! When I was wearing one and had a toddler, they brought my tray to my table when it was ready and came out to the playground and offered to refill my drink with a smile. Now that we are past that stage, I see them out in the blazing sun all summer taking orders in the drive through with such extreme efficiency and every single person has a smile and something nice to say.
      My location employees more than one member of the LGTBQ community on a small staff, donates to many local causes, and supports countless local events. This Moms Panel has multiple members from the LGTBQ community that in the course of just a couple of weeks have already served to foster open and honest discussion on these issues in our private forums. The Moms Panel is a corporate initiative actively seeking input and feedback from members of local communities so our discussions are reaching ears all the way to the top. There are many members of the panel that don’t blog, but were chosen just to promote their local franchise in their local community with their personal contacts. I didn’t consider that I am reaching people far beyond the store a mile from my house and that many readers could be in very different situations than mine. <3

      1. Amanda – thank you so much for taking the time to write back so thoughtfully. I can tell from your blog that you have a really big heart and I knew I could feel comfortable expressing that the company doesn’t necessarily reflect all of your readers and may cause them to pause. That makes sense about the local franchise versus the entire company. Again – I really appreciate the openness and thoughtfulness of your response. Thank you for opening a bit of yourself to us through your blog. It’s one of the few that I make sure never to miss. I suspect we may not always have the same view on the world, but I know that you’ll come from a place of respect and dignity for everyone you encounter. Thank you for that!

  3. I’m so happy you get to join their mom team! They have great taste in influencer talent? I used to work for the ad agency that created their “Eat More Chicken” campaign and have always admired the brand they’ve built. You are the perfect brand fit for them!

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