April Fools Ideas + Printables

We haven’t been in a place where I could put together a fantastically funny April Fools celebration for the kids for the last few years and I hate that!  Our spring break is usually this very week and, once again, we will be on the road.  Regardless, some of our favorite family dinners have revolved around this oft forgotten holiday so I wanted to share a few ideas to help YOU celebrate at home this year.

Silly Supper Sideshow
A FUN dinner like you’ve never had before.  Order course by course and just see what happens!  Link includes free printable menu, course selections and guide.

Mickey’s Mixed Up Meal
A Disney-fied take on the Silly Supper Sideshow!  Perfect before a Disney trip or to announce your Disney trip.

April 2014 001

The UnBirthday Party
Cupcakes for dinner and meatloaf for dessert?!  This was the party that started it all.  Menu and recipes included in the link.

These all take time to pull together and April 1 is also Easter, but it could be a fun twist to throw on a traditional meal.

Like last year, I’d love to hear your suggestions for an (age appropriate) April Fools Day prank, trick or idea that can be done on the road.  I tried the toothpaste Oreo’s on the boys last year.  HA!


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3 thoughts on “April Fools Ideas + Printables

  1. You may have already seen this on Pinterest, but I thought it went well with Easter….
    wrap white grapes in the same foil that the solid chocolate eggs come in and mix them in with the eggs…just not sure where one could purchase the foil, unless, of course, you could carefully unwrap and eat the chocolate egg, saving the foil for the grape!!
    Being forced to eat that chocolate egg is a small sacrifice for the sake of an April Fool for the kids!!

  2. All of these ideas are so fun! Our Spring break is the same week this year, although we’re not traveling. Can’t wait to hear what you come up with to use on the road! xo

  3. There’s the bowl of candy that you mix Skittles, plain M&Ms, and Reese’s pieces all together, so that grabbing a handful can taste quite icky.
    Something funny for the family to do, empty and wash a mayonnaise jar leaving the label on, fill with vanilla pudding, and eat straight from the jar. You might be able to that of you is pudding packs.

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