Drapery Goblet Pleats

I mentioned last summer that I finally decided to seek professional help in pleating my den and living room curtains. I made all of the panels myself over the years and hung them up with clip rings.  Well, it ate away at me over the years and once I got them back from the seamstress I thought the pleats were the perfect finishing touch!  Since then I have been meaning to take my dining room curtains in but, you know, life gets in the way.  I finally took them down, shook them out and had goblet pleats professionally added.

Dining Room Curtains without Pleats

Here you can see the “before”.  Somehow I never noticed how sloppy they looked just hanging on their sad hooks with no structure until I did the other rooms.

Dining Room Curtains with Goblet Pleats

I am so excited to show y’all the “after” picture.  I mean, looking at the before and after back to back is just crazy!!  I wanted something a little different than the pinch pleat in the other rooms and ended up choosing a goblet pleat.  If only those gorgeous hydrangeas from my Mother in Law’s garden last spring were still alive… :-)

I’ll share updated pics of the rest of the room real soon!

Oh, and last but not least, I have two other items of business.  First, Mother has listed St. Patrick’s Day necklaces in our shop that are ready to ship in time for next weekend’s festivities.

And, most importantly, my FABULOUS friend Ron is celebrating his 50th birthday TODAY!!!  We miss him (and Jeff too) SO much here in Atlanta!  You have to hop over to Uptown Acorn to see his new celebratory door hanger and wish him some big birthday love.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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5 thoughts on “Drapery Goblet Pleats

  1. I never thought the drapes looked sloppy before (and still don’t), but the pleats make such a huge difference! They’re lovely!

    Happy weekend, friend! xo

    1. Of course!! I was charged $7 per pleat for this style. Each panel has 7 so it was just under $100.

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