The Other Boy Room Update {More FLOR on the Floor}

I realize that I still haven’t finished updating John’s room to his new “tween” tastes, but I was momentarily sidetracked by figuring out a new rug for Whit’s room and changing a few things in there at the same time.  If you’ve been following along here for a while, you will know that rugs in Whit’s room seem to come and go with the seasons.  I had always picked a natural fiber rug for that space, which was fine and dandy until he actually moved in to the room for the first time since he left his crib and complained that it hurt his feet.  He was right.  The last straw was when his puppy had an upset tummy all on said rug.  Honey was traveling and it was SO gross that we literally rolled it up together about ten pm one evening and carted it out to the curb.

I looked around for a while and just kept coming back to how much we love the FLOR carpet tiles in John’s room.   They have held up perfectly, they can be arranged to fit any space and I personally think they are great for an updated traditional look.  Whit really liked the cow print in John’s room but I didn’t want the exact same rug across the hall.  I have had my eye on this faux cowhide rug from World Market for a loooong time and thought it was the perfect thing to layer over the carpet tiles.

These FLOR tiles are called Finer Things and I chose them in the Cream colorway.

I love the way that they look and feel in the room.  You can also see here that the sweet little blue velvet chair was moved down to my living room and replaced with the chair that used to be in John’s room.  Whit loves his “friends” (stuffed animals) and I finally got something to corral them (basket from Target).

The girl loves the new rug too… She’s always right in the thick of things.

You can see us putting down the rug in John’s room in this video!  It took about 45 minutes in his huge room and only about 20 in Whit’s.

Have a happy Thursday, y’all!

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