Our Easter Entry

Mother has always said that it is good luck to plant on Good Friday.  I’ve never been sure if she made that up or if its an actual thing, but it has worked for me ever since I started planting my own pots, beds and gardens.  This morning I got my ferns plated and put annuals in seven other pots around the the yard.  (I should have been packing but I have this problem where I have to do every last thing on my list before leaving town, as well as clean the house.)   Here is our Easter entry!

I gave the pots a fresh coat of black paint last weekend so they were ready to go!  The door hanger is from Bronwyn Hanahan Art and is one of my very favorites.  (I say that about all of them, I’m afraid.)

I’ve had the metal bunnies for years and love how they have rusted to such a great color over time.

This is really one of the few truly spring-like days we’ve had in Georgia and my yard and many shrubs are still brown.  I feel like everything should start greening up soon because my head can attest to the pollen count right now.

We’ve got to get on the pinestraw when we return.  If we are home for Easter I like to have it done by then. If we aren’t then my goal is by Mother’s Day.

Over at the friend’s entry I have the DIY bunny door hanger that Mother made for me years ago.  I still love him!  (more fresh straw needed here and I see someone has been fiddling with the drain there…. boys!  Or dogs!  Who knows?!)

I hope that you and yours have a wonderful Easter!

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  1. Your porch looks fresh and cheerful! I plan on planting flowers and tomatoes very soon and have started preparing the soil. Your rusted bunnies are delightful! Have a blessed Easter and enjoy your trip. Please check out the Senate Bean Soup and report back! ;-)

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