How Does Your Garden Grow?

We updated our garden last spring with raised beds (WalMart).  The iron fence was constructed from the original porch railings on our home.  I went “crazy” planting colored annuals in my pots this year and have two white knock out rose bushes here as well.

Over the years I have honed down what we plant based on what has and has not panned out well.  I do one for herbs and love basil, mint, lavender, parsley, oregano and rosemary.  , It didn’t completely fill up last year so this year I added squash and peppers.

One planter is full of sweet 100 tomatoes.  We love these and they almost always get eaten straight off the vine.  It is time to fertilize these babies.

The final bed is used for cutting flowers from seeds.  This year I also added radish because Honey loves them.

We have loved having this garden space over the years!  I still remember planting it when the boys were in diapers.  Time flies.

If you keep a back yard garden, I’d love to know what’s in it!!


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5 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. Your garden is lovely. I gave up my garden….too many deer. At one time I had 202 hostas and each one was eaten down to a nub! It was like a buffet for deer.

  2. I grow herbs in large pots on my deck which is just off my kitchen—super convenient to zip out there and snip off what I need while cooking. This year I have basil, rosemary, parsley, chives, and oregano. One thing I love but have no luck growing is cilantro!

  3. Hi Amanda, I have two raised beds. The herb bed is filled with lavender, sweet basil, thyme, lemon balm, mint, and rosemary. The beds for flowers has coneflowers ( my favorite) Blackfoot daisies, Russian sage, plumeria, cannas, and gerbera daisies. This year we added a Mickey and Minnie birdbath from Lowe’s!

  4. I love your raised beds!! The pine straw makes the garden look neat and tidy! I am growing cucumbers, radish and lady and zipper creamers (I had to buy the seeds in Ga. because you can’t hardly find them anywhere in Florida). I’m also growing mint, fennel and tarragon. One thing that always grow is cutting celery. It is awesome! It is basically just a bush of celery leaves with some thin stalks. It is perfect for seasoning and it’s always on hand!

  5. How do you water? We always fight with the wind and direct FL sun so I am down to just basil in my colorful pots as tall fill- raised beds could work down on side of the house….

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