Stars & Stripes {Our Patriotic Exterior}

I’ve had my flags up for about a week now and just love this look.  Patriotic decor is right up there with Halloween and Christmas for me!  I finally went out this morning to take pictures and it was hard to get the whole front of the house with the sun coming up over the garage.  We have a bunting on the side porch, front porch and window under the garage.  We leave the cup hooks up year round so it takes just a few minutes to hang these!

I’m using my Bronwyn Hanahan firecracker door hanger for the fifth year now.  I love this one so much!  I have used the same buntings for years, and also reuse the smaller flags in the pots each year.  They’ve gotten a lot of mileage.  I have a tub in the garage closet where I store the folded buntings and rolled flags on sticks.

This is the time of the year that my annuals start to look pretty heinous, but my ferns are looking amazing!

I asked to have the shrubs cut WAY down but they never seen to be small enough for my liking.  Regardless, I love this view and still love every detail of our exterior makeover from years ago.

Here’s the garage side.  We will be having our annual July 4th party and much of it takes place right here.  Fancy, right?!

I also have my monogram anchor on the friend’s entry.  You can see all the details for how I made it in THIS POST.  You can also see how pitiful the annuals in this pot are looking.  Yikes!

We also hang buntings up along the porch railings on the back. I love the way they look from both the inside and outside.

And, I threw a few flags in my pots at the garden.  Flag decor is the easiest ever.  You can also see here that Honey has rigged up some pot fillers for our raised garden beds.  YAY!!  The sprinkler wasn’t reaching them and I am so happy to have this project done.

I hope you are preparing for a fun Fourth!  We have our swim team ice cream party tonight and I’m anxiously awaiting my very first quote for our bathroom project to come in.  Eek!

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8 thoughts on “Stars & Stripes {Our Patriotic Exterior}

  1. Lovely exterior decor! When you say “friends entry” at the garage – does that door go through your garage directly to your kitchen or to your screened in porch?

    1. It goes to the garage. Not a real friend’s entry. They usually just come in through the big garage door since it’s always up. My kids and dog are in and out

  2. Every year I look for those teal pillows on your chairs to the side of your driveway. Gotta love a Target deal that lasts! Mine are still going strong on my back deck, too! A little Amanda-style right in my backyard. ?

    1. I love this! Thanks for sharing. And yes, mine have held up great. I put them in the washing machine every now and then!

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