Patriotic Anchor Door Decor

I’ll be putting out all of my patriotic touches over the next couple of days and thought I should revisit a couple of my fave red, white and blue DIYs.

I painted this darling monogrammed anchor a couple of summer’s ago and tends to move between my front and side doors.

June 2014 392 copy2

I started with this white anchor in the 22″ size from etsy.  I painted it in sections and it was a simple and quick project.  Visit this post for the full instructions!

June 2014 189

Want to know what’s really funny about this?  (Er… or is it really sad?)  I just now, for the very first time noticed that I painted the WRONG side of the monogram.  If you look closely you can tell that the W is actually backwards.  HA!

I’ve got another one to share tomorrow.  Stay tuned!


Everything ReD wHiTe and BlUe!!

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2 thoughts on “Patriotic Anchor Door Decor

  1. So if you painted the “wrong” side, does the other side still have (what looks like) Tech colors? Can you still use that side? Just wondering…

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