Around Atlanta {Truett’s Luau}

When we were down in Peachtree City last month for a marathon lacrosse tournament weekend, we were so excited to try Truett’s Luau for the first time!   I learned about it at my Chick-fil-A Mom’s Panel day and was intrigued.

This restaurant was Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy’s last project, at the age of 92 before he passed.  He wanted the restaurant to be a special place focused on having fun and celebrating life with family and friends.  When we walked inside and were greeted by Hawaiian decor AND the signature Chick-fil-A friendliness, we knew we were in for a treat!

Nearly every piece of décor used in the restaurant was handpicked by Truett himself. He had a vision to “bring Hawaii to Fayetteville” and that he did.  I particularly loved this Steve Penley painting – he’s a southern born UGA grad and his work was all over the Coke building too .

We opted to sit on the table service side after a long day in the hot sun, but there is also a quick serve and a drive through.  In addition to traditional Chick-fil-A fare, they also had unique menu items.  We tried the Hawaiian Nachos, Kalua Pork Sandwich with sweet potato waffle fries and Frosted Pineapples!  It’s still fast food, but it was good.

If you live in Fayetteville or Peachtree City or find yourself in that neck of the woods, stop in!  We love hunting down places to eat that are unique to the area we’re in and having sporting events all over the city let’s us do it a lot.  :-)


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8 thoughts on “Around Atlanta {Truett’s Luau}

  1. You were in my neck of the woods! We love Truett’s Luau! They used to even make the Hawaiian shaved ice like they have at aulani with ice cream on the bottom. I’m not sure what happened to it :( It was our favorite!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I sure wish I had known that you were down here in PTC! I would’ve stopped by the tournament to say hello. ? My youngest son played LAX for 8 years before graduating this year. Loved every minute of it! I sure wish you would have tried my favorite at Truett’s… the chicken salad, it’s made with pineapple and grapes. Very yummy! Maybe next year… or next time, be sure to stop by Partner’s II Pizza (a favorite local restaurant since 1977). And better yet, be sure and rent a golf cart to drive around our miles and miles of beautiful cart paths throughout our city. Y’all are always welcome… and so is that sweet dog of yours!?

    1. I regret not getting the chicken salad! One of my besties lived in Ptree City for years and recommends Partners too!

  3. Well, from the comments several of us “down here” follow you–You weren’t far from me either and I hope your team fared well in the tournament. Truett’s Luau is fun–but didn’t you just love the flowers. I’m not that way a lot these days but when I am they make me smile!!

    1. I doubt it. There are actually a few of these one off concepts south of the city – a pizza place and a diner too!

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