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I put all my books aside for the last 10 days and binge watched Sharp Objects.  I finished last night and my mind was blown.  It was really good, in a really bad way (much like the book).  If you like completely twisted psychological thrillers, this is a series for you.  There are only eight 1-hour episodes so it is fairly easy to knock out.

Based on the book of the same name by The New York Times bestselling author Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl, Dark Places), this eight-episode series tells the story of reporter Camille Preaker (Adams) who returns to her small hometown to cover the murders of two preteen girls. Trying to put together a psychological puzzle from her past, she finds herself identifying with the young victims a bit too closely.

If you watched, I’d love to know your thoughts.  And, if you’ve watched this and have something else in mind along these lines, pass on your recommendations!!  I’m all ears.  I don’t watch a ton of TV so I never know the good stuff out there.

PS.  If you watch, stay tuned through ALL the credits in the last episode.

PPS. If you have not watched, DON’T READ THE COMMENTS below!  Lots of spoilers.


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18 thoughts on “Currently Binging {Sharp Objects}

  1. We’ve been watching! It was SO good- even my husband loved it! It had been a while since I had read the book so even though I knew the end result, it was still thrilling!

  2. I started watching when the series began and was immediately hooked, so much so that after 2 episodes, I had to get the download the kindle version on my iPad! Not at all the same type of series, but my husband and I are currently watching season one of Succession. Interesting family drama. They head what seems to be a Disney type conglomerate of recreation, media, and communications.

  3. I found it mesmerizing and couldn’t stop watching. Spoiler Alert coming up….her little sister showed her who she was when she took that piglet in the back room. We were shown right then that she was the one who committed the murders.

  4. I can’t wait to watch. I haven’t yet. I’m getting ready to start Ozark with hubby. I’ve been counting down season 2. So glad you posted this. Our family has been binge watching every cooking show around now that we are back to school. After dinner but before bedtime we watch. Right now we are watching the British family cookoff. It’s so interesting.

  5. Loved it! Not normally my type of show but my husband roped me into watching it with him. We were hooked despite it being dark and disturbing. Since we had not read the book, it was a source of great conversation on ” who did it.” Thank goodness we watched the closing credits! Being from New Orleans, I love Patricia Clarkson and thought she really nailed the mom. And the wallpaper downstairs–to die for!!

  6. It’s been years since I read the book…totally forgot about the very end. Drooling over the house, creeped out by the mom and Amma. I was so depressed by how depressed and self-destructive Camille was. Amma was always bizarre…who knew?

    1. I had forgotten about the end too. Yes, the house was a gorgeous backdrop for such immense suffering all around.

  7. Well, I was going to be hooked even before the first episode began when I saw it would be starring Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson. And, then from the first episode on, oh boy, what a ride. I kept telling myself to take a few days to read the book before watching any more episodes, but I never did. I do have a few questions which may have been clarified if one had read the book. SPOILER ALERT: Was the mother covering up the whole time or had she just surmised? I found the end was a complete shock and had to go back in my mind to try and recall when we may have had clues as to the killer’s identity. Did the mother think she was taking good care of Amma or was she trying to get rid of the “bad seed”? Or, was that just her Munchausen’s kicking in as with the other daughter? I remember Amma asking her mother if she was going to grow up? So, did that mean she felt she had to endure the treatment as her punishment? Had the pliers been hidden or just put back in their usual spot? (They seemed to have been easily found by the police.) And, the bicycle found in the ditch at the pig farm – who put that there to make that young man look guilty? What was up with the husband – how much do we think he knew? And, the sheriff, he was creepy. Do we learn more about him in the book? Was it to be concluded that he and the mother were lovers at one time? Or, was he just in love with her? And, what was up with the sheriff’s wife and their morning rituals? Had he suspected the mother in the first daughter’s death? Or, was he unable to wrap his head around that idea? Did he realize who the killer was and thus kept trying to circumvent the investigation by the young detective? Or, was he just clueless? And, what was up with the sweaters? The stepdad always had one around his shoulders and the mother often wore one while everyone else was sweating from the heat and humidity. Was that some kind of symbolism? And, why did those wealthy people not have central air in that beautiful home? Again, more symbolism?

    1. Hey Paula, The book answers a lot of questions and is still worth a read!! The mother didn’t know about Amma. Amma and the other girls framed John. I can’t remember much about the husband or sheriff. The husband was really odd and I feel like he knew what was going on with the munchausen by proxy. I think the heat and lack of air was just symbolic of the intense suffering going on in that home. This article that another reader shared is worth reading!!

  8. Second vote for you to watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel—great dialogue, love the set and costumes and the main character is hilarious!! I need to check out Sharp Objects.

  9. Cannot wait to watch Sharp Objects. Had to finish Jack Ryan first. It was SO good – highly recoomend!! It’s on Amazon Prime. Also eight episodes but there will be more seasons.

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