Fall Football Door Hangers

My front porch has been a bit dismantled during the bathroom renovations, as it was the main entrance used by everyone for the last five weeks!  I just got everything put back together and fluffed up a bit this morning and it feels so good to be reclaiming our home.

I’m using my Bronwyn Hanahan football on the front door, which I had made for Georgia Tech.  She can do any team – high school, club, college, pro, you name it!  It is really hard to find cute GT stuff, even in Atlanta.

My ferns took a turn for the worse when we were out of town for a week in July and our sprinkler system was accidentally turned off.  I have been trying to pour life back into them ever since in hopes that they make it through Christmas like in past years.

I did a fun combination of ribbon and pom poms on the dogs this month!

Hey y’all!  Come on in!!

After coming home to a dismal state of affairs on our side door, I finally spent about $10 and invested 10 minutes to spruce it up.  My GT burlee was hanging on an ugly command hook, and my shamrocks were all but dead.  I added a blue and white polka dot bow to cover the command hook.

It’s still 90+ degrees here and WAY too early for pansies so I bought my first ever mum.  I just don’t love them.  I literally thought I was the only mum hater out there until I shared this tid-bit on Instagram and was overwhelmed with replies that y’all generally dislike them too.  :-)  Who knew?!

The side door looks SO much more inviting after that quick little update – even a mum is better than a dead anything.

I hope that all of you in the path of Florence are staying safe.  I know it was an incredibly stressful week preparing for the unknown, and it seemed like this storm was all over the place.  

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