Walking Tacos for National Taco Day

Taco night is a always a hit around here and I feel like Taco Tuesday is pretty much a household regular for a mid-week, school night supper.  We celebrated with our favorite kind of tacos today – Walking Tacos!!

Here’s how to do it…

1. Cook your taco meat of choice.  For simplicity’s sake, I brown ground beef and an onion and then cook in a pack of taco seasoning, can of black beans, can of chopped green chilis and handful of cilantro.  This would also work with just beans, ground turkey or shredded chicken.

2. Assemble your toppings.  Our faves include taco sauce, pico, sour cream, queso, shredded mexican cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, green onions and guacamole.  We don’t always have all of them.

3. Set out a variety pack of chips.  I buy the one in the blue bag that contains fritos, doritos, cool ranch doritos and sun chips because my peeps love these for their tacos.

4. Open the bags, load them up, grab a fork and enjoy!!  Some how tacos are SO MUCH MORE FUN served up in a chip bag.  And, if you don’t put all your toppings in bowls, the clean up is a breeze.

My boys love to have these when their friends are over too!

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4 thoughts on “Walking Tacos for National Taco Day

  1. Tacos are always a hit around here, too – we tend to have taco Monday and taco Wednesday (ground beef on one day, and something else, like chicken or quesadillas on the other). These are the days we’re out of the house, and tacos are the easy, tasty answer. Haven’t done walking tacos in a while – thanks for the reminder to bring this one back! xo

  2. I have done this supper a few times after seeing it for the first time on your blog, always a big hit and soooo good!! Have a great weekend!!

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