Happy November!!

I had two people ask me this week about storing holiday decor.  I don’t have a photo of that, but I did dig up how I store all of my door hangers on hangers on a rod in my attic.

I added this puzzle to our collection this Halloween when I fell in love with it in the Magic Kingdom.  It was SO SO SO SO SO SO hard.  Then, we finally make it to the end and we are missing a piece, but have duplicates of two others.  Womp womp.

Honey and I went on a spontaneous date night Friday.  To Starbucks and stroll the aisles of Target.  Hey!  Do what you love!  We even scored the free reusable red cups that night.

Speaking of Target, I have been stalking their site for the cheese advent calendar.  Now that I think about it, it’s probably in store only.  ha!  I really hope this isn’t fake news.

I still love my air fryer.  I often buy a whole bag of potatoes when I need some for a recipe and then put all leftovers in the air fryer.  I use this method and they always turn out wonderfully.

Since we are in the season… this made me laugh!

John attended a few of our high school football games with his lacrosse buddies this fall, and the rest of us went out to dinner.  We always let Whit pick and are always pleased with his choices.

And, speaking of Whit….

Elsa Belle has been in dog heaven now that I have all of our heated mattress pads and throw blankets out.  She’s the only daughter I’m getting so I spoil her rotten.  Besides, now that I work at home alone all day we are closer than ever.

When Mommy drops an entire box of bones on the floor it’s Elsa’s best day ever!  Also, I love that Honey always buys her these itsy bitsy little bones.

I still pinch myself every time I walk in here.  I owe y’all a full reveal but got side tracked last month with taking Halloween pics.  We thought the new bathroom would solve all of our water leaks but no dice.  Our garbage disposal leaked all in the kitchen cabinet three weeks ago and had to be replaced.  Luckily we caught it really early so it did no permanent damage.  It was just disgusting to clean up.  Then last week one of the cast iron pipes in the basement cracked and flooded a large part of that space.  The floor is pretty much ruined.  Honey patched the pipe so that we can at least use the water in the house but we can’t find a plumber we trust to fix it yet.  waaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Sometimes I really hate this house….

On a brighter note, Fall has made it to our neighborhood!!!!!

CeeCee is dancing in her very first Nutcracker this season and I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!  She comes and sees me every Thursday before rehearsal.

This salad is my recent favorite for an on-the-go lunch.  It’s only $4 – so cheaper than any fast food – and is tasty and filling.

Finally, don’t forget to vote for my bestie in the For the Love of Lilly Contest!!

Happy November!!!!


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6 thoughts on “Musings

  1. My husband is a licensed plumber. He is a retired firefighter with the city of Atlanta, dependable, honest. We live in Carrollton but he goes to Atlanta often to do jobs. If you want to call him his number is 770 550 9100.

  2. My 60 pound Bluetick Coonhound prefers those tiny bones for her treats. She insists we break anything larger up into pieces, because she is of course, a delicate little flower. She would prefer the only treats we give her to actually be animal crackers and bacon though.

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