The Four Gifts

I share this every year only because it is one of the things I get asked about most frequently in the history of the blog!!  For Christmas, our family goes by a four gift rule from Santa.


The best and most anticipated gift of our Christmas is always the “DO” gift.  It has involved everything from tickets to a show or exhibit to an overnight in town to a full on trip.  Last year they got a night out in town with dinner and ice skating at the St. Regis.  We haven’t quite settled on what they will get this year but we are tossing around the Andretti Speed Lab for Whit and an Escape Room for John.  We still all four go to both – even though each kid would get one as their specific gift.  I’m not sure what we’ll do about the others since the only thing they’ve asked for are x-box gift cards.  (I need an eye roll emoji on my keyboard….)

In addition to Santa gifts, we also give them something from us, a stocking and a Christmas ornament for their trees.  So, all in all, our Christmas is pretty simple.

I’ve shared favorite toys and games over the years and these ALL are still used and enjoyed.

 Nerf Lazer Tag  |   Anki Overdrive  |  Ticket to Ride

Our 3 variations of Razor Scooters  |   Catan |   Monopoly Deal 

And, on that note, I’d love to know YOUR ideas for kids in the 10 – 13 year age range!!!  Like, I’d desperately love to know.   :-)

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3 thoughts on “The Four Gifts

  1. Will you be selling the stickers with the “want need wear read do” labels for gifts in your Etsy shop this year? I bought them last year and LOVED them.

    I wish I had gift suggestions, but I’m at a bit of a loss for my 10-year-old son!!

  2. Oy with the Xbox gift cards. My 12 yo has only asked for those and a dirt bike-the kind with a motor! Like that is going to happen!?

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