The Nutcracker 2018

It was a very special Nutcracker year for our family and the cherry on top too…

Not only did she get to go see the Nutcracker, but she was IN the Nutcracker!!!!!

All I can say is writing this post brings a tear to my eye.  I dreamed of having my own little ballerina and it finally came true.  (You know, in an aunt kind of way that is just as special.)  Look at this beautiful child!

The ballet was exceptional and all of the hard work was evident from the audience.  CeeCee was a cupcake in the land of the sweets.  She was the tiniest one on the stage from curtain to curtain.  And, at only 5 years old, she had an incredible sense of determination through every practice and presence on stage.  I couldn’t have been a prouder “aunchie mommy”.

Her cast performed in six different shows and rehearsed for months.  I particularly loved it because Sister brought her over to my house every Thursday between school and rehearsal.  :-)

All of the dancers were spectacular, but this one stole the show for me.

After the show that we all attended, we went out to a celebratory dinner.  My boys were also present, but I think they  must have already left for ice cream by the time we took these.  They made it through Hamilton, the Rockettes and the Nutcracker in six days.  I think they earned it.  :-)

I look forward to seeing her on the big stage for years to come!!


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6 thoughts on “The Nutcracker 2018

  1. Spectacular!!! Congratulations to CeeCee for her big stage debut…in The Nutcracker, no less!!!
    ??? ????????????

    Everyone looks so festive and proud.
    What a grand way to kick off the season! I can’t wait to go on the 15th and wish your tiny cupcake was part of the cast here!


  2. Congratulations to CeeCee and to her proud family (especially you). My ballerina also was my niece/goddaughter and I attended all of her recitals. I understand how you couldn’t love or be more proud if she was your very own.

  3. Oh what a proud family!!! Your little cupcake looked beautiful!!!…Congrats to CeeCee….I look forward to hearing about her future performances!….My little Sweetie just landed her first professional part in a play (was always in amateur plays)….so I can understand how proud you all are of the adorable CeeCee!….Merry Christmas Amanda!

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