Christmas at Home

We enjoyed such a wonderful Christmas at home in Savannah. Here are a few highlights…

Hot tea is something Mother, Sister and I love to do when we get together. I’ve shared our favorites many times here – Harney & Son’s Paris Tea, Hot Cinnamon Tea and Wedding Tea. Mother brews a pot and the three of us can sit for hours talking, sipping, laughing, occasionally screaming at the kids :-), and watching movies.

Mother and I also had the chance to sneak away from the crowd on Christmas Eve afternoon for tea at the Gryphon Tea Room. This has been a longtime favorite as well. In fact, I celebrated my bridesmaid luncheon here many years ago. Meanwhile, Honey, my brother in law and John spent hours at the Mexican restaurant while Daddy-O kept the others.

As usual, my parents also had two Christmas puzzles for us to work on throughout our stay. Family members rotate in and out from sun up to well past sun down. Mother also had stacks of Christmas books – new and old – to choose from. I chose Alaskan Holiday by Debbie Macomber to get in the spirit for our big trip this summer.

We have a tradition of doing a Christmas date night with Sister and her mister, but she was really sick the first few days of our visit and had to miss out. We went to a family favorite – Cotton & Rye – and had a delicious meal.

Mother and I attempted to take the kids to see Ralph Breaks the Internet one of the days that Sister was sick in bed, but it was sold out when we got there. So instead we tortured everyone with a loooooong trip through every aisle of Target. Hahaha!

We played lots and lots and lots of games during our stay, but Monopoly was the favorite for 2018.

I’ve already shared our Christmas ornament craft, our oyster nativity craft, our Christmas eve, Mother and Daddy-O’s holiday home tour and so much more in previous posts. I just didn’t want the year to get away without capturing these precious memories on the blog. And, I wanted to send more love, hugs and many, many thanks to my parents who are still making Christmas magical over four decades later. 


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