Coastal Christmas

Good morning from a very chilly Atlanta!!  I am just popping in to let y’all know that Mother has painted a limited number of these beautiful oyster shell Christmas ornaments and they are now in the (nearly defunct) Dixie Delights Shop!  She also has some of her jewelry pieces listed.

I can’t wait to get mine for my tree.  My sweet neighbor helped me decorate it this year and it made me so happy to hear HER get excited every time she unwrapped one that my mom has made.  There are lots from over the years.  <3

As far as the rest of my Christmas prep, the house has thankfully been decorated for weeks.  We have shopped for the man we adopt through the church each year and wrapped all of his gifts – only because I got the drop off date wrong and thought it was Nov 30.  And, I’ve mailed my Christmas cards.  (Although a stack was returned yesterday because I forgot to put a stamp on them.  oy!)  Other than that, I’ve done nothing.  Not one gift purchased.  Not one cookie baked.  No teacher gifts.  No class party planned.  No hostess gifts for the five events on our calendar.  The elf hasn’t even arrived.  (Yet, I have cookies and such sitting in my office that Sister was a doll to pick up for them.)  It’s time to start knocking this stuff out!!  Where do you stand on holiday prep??


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8 thoughts on “Coastal Christmas

  1. Hi! Any gift ideas for 10 yo boy?
    All mine cares about is sports & video games. Not into clothes, shoes (yet).
    I am fine with it but he needs something to unwrap. I know you do read, need, wear, want? What does W want?

    1. All he wants are Xbox gift cards. I’ve recentlu weaseled out of him: new scooter, new Xbox controller and headset. Think we will get him an echo dot for his room. He constantly asks it questions and plays music on it in the kitchen.

  2. I can do better. I didn’t have a photo for the card because I thought we would get one in November at the beach. So I had a photo doctored. As in she cut and pasted by kids together. I have not bought a gift, baked, etc.,. Today it’s super chilly and I am taking a break from decorating for clients to get on Amazon and knock it out! What is John asking for this Christmas? I need gift ideas for a boy his age

    1. John’s list: Mo bamba Jersey, Patagonia trucker hat, slippers, Xbox gift cards, new Xbox controller and headset, and we are thinking getting them echo dots for their rooms

  3. I haven’t done ANYTHING – and don’t know that I will, as far as decorating goes. It’s silly to set up everything here, but we’re not at the new house yet. It’s saddening. As far as shopping goes, I’ll finish this weekend.

    The ornaments are just lovely! Mother is so talented! xo

  4. I have finished with all my decorating but my shopping is only half done but at least the gifts I have bought have been wrapped! We only have one little in our family now which is my great-nephew who is almost 6 years old. I asked my sister a gift suggestion and she said he mentioned wanting a Jr. metal detector so I ordered him one on Amazon. Any gift that gets a kid outside and exploring is my kind of gift.

  5. Echo dots are so fun in their rooms. They can make announcements and you can hear from all Alexas in the house. My boys got them last year!

  6. I have some gifts wrapped and under the tree! The boys split their time between their father and I so I only had two weekends in December for all of the Christmas Stuff. We’ve been to the walk through light show, saw Santa at the beginning of November, shopped and dropped off our Angel Tree gifts, watched Elf with hot chocolate, saw Elf the musical at the theater, baked two types of cookies… We’re going to the drive through light show next week and Santa comes through on the firetruck next weekend and then we’re decorating gingerbread houses and celebrating our little Christmas baby’s third birthday early (so he gets his own day) before going to my company Christmas party.

    I’m tired already.

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