Easy Entertaining {Breakfast}

In the wonderful, lazy days between Christmas and New Years, we were thrilled to have my cousin and her family visit us in Atlanta! I have a very, very small family and only two cousins in the world – Anne and and John. (My kids only have two cousins as well.) I love any chance I get to spend time with them, and I have looked up to Anne for basically my entire life.

The thing about Anne is that we always catch up right where we left off. I guess that’s a beautiful thing about family. We wanted to spend our time together talking and being together, and her visit was as casual and family-like as they come. (Think lounge attire, pizza and complete comfort and casualness.)

Along those lines, and in lieu of a Sunday Supper, I wanted to share this extremely easy breakfast that I threw together on her departure morning. We had 4 adults, 3 teens and Whit and it was perfect for both variety and the fact that everyone could eat as they woke up.

I threw our favorite Mary B’s frozen biscuits in the oven (put them on the sheet pan with edges touching) and served it with Honey Baked Ham slices (from Christmas), butter, honey and strawberry preserves. On the other side I set out fruit and chocolate chip banana bread (made the day before). Greek yogurt came out later. For drinks, I poured milk and OJ into carafes and then had coffee and hot chocolate set up for the Keurig.

It was easy and delicious! If you have a favorite breakfast for entertaining, feel free to leave a link or the recipe!

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2 thoughts on “Easy Entertaining {Breakfast}

  1. Sounds wonderful -especially the banana bread! This year, we hosted my side of the family for breakfast on Christmas morning. Since our schedules didn’t work out to have Christmas dinner with them, we tried breakfast instead. It ended up being so nice and now we might make it a tradition! Everyone loves a good classic breakfast – and its always fun to add mimosas to the mix! Have a great week!

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