I Love {Man Crates}

I stumbled upon an ad for Man Crates as I was Christmas shopping and was intrigued. After pouring through their site from top to bottom, I ended up purchasing one for Honey and one for Daddy-O. I have to say they ended up being HUGE hits with the men, and Daddy-O even named his the “favorite gift” as went around the table on Christmas night.

I gave Honey the Pizza Grilling Crate and went ahead and purchased the Bloody Mary Crate to tuck away for Valentine’s Day since they were having a buy one get one half off deal. Honey LOVED his crate and it was so much fun to see him work to open it. It is an actual wood crate and they provide a mini crowbar to crack it open. Quite manly, no?!

For Daddy-O, aka the hardest human on the planet to buy for, I got him a gift card (womp womp) hidden inside of a Puzzle Box (yay!!!!). Again, it was so much fun to see him work on this. It honestly took well over an hour for him to crack all of the codes. He had to use 3D glasses, a special website, a decoding ribbon and his brain. At the end was a card he used to choose his gift card (from a selection of offerings) in the amount that we chose for his gift!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner so I figured sharing sooner rather than later would be appreciated. I am SO happy to have Honey’s gift already and will probably be back again for Father’s Day. There are tons of many themes to choose from – tools, beef jerkey, camping, cocktails, pizza, etc.

If YOU have a great man gift idea, feel free to share it here!


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4 thoughts on “I Love {Man Crates}

  1. My sister and BIL gave these to our entire family – 14 in all! You should have seen everyone prying them open. I got the personalized Bloody Mary one that came with a Hemingway book. My husband received a gift card one but his card was in a cement block he had to crack open. Oh, and if Honey has trouble opening his Valentine crate, my nephew figured out you can turn them over and the bottom lifts off in one piece.

    1. That’s awesome!! Yes, Bloody Mary is coming for V-day :-) I’m NOT telling him your trick. It was too much fun watching him open it.

  2. Oh my gosh, where have these been all my life!!!! I’ve already picked out my brothers birthday gift and Mark’s Valentines gift!

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