Sweet & Simple Decor for Valentine’s Day

Halloween and Christmas are my two holidays where I go “all out” on decor, but I do love to add a some simple touches for other holidays throughout the year.

For Valentine’s Day, I focus on the kitchen and foyer.

On my Target tray that pretty much stays on the kitchen table, I have red roses (a surprise from Honey!), a preserved rose keepsake from a Disney Social Media Moms event, my favorite candy of all time (cinnamon jelly hearts) and a candle.

I added two things to my almost non-existent collection of Valentine’s decor this year – the heart garland hanging on the mirror and the pillow on the banquette. These were from your typical Target run – I went in for toothpaste and clearasil. I came out with this stuff. In all fairness, I had a Target gift card burning a hole in my pocket.

I have decided to update my Coton-Colors frame with seasonal photos of yore. Oh how I miss these babies and the days of matching holiday outfits!

I also have a mini canvas painted by Mother a few years ago, and a few cute towels given to me as gifts over the years.

You can find a full tour of the kitchen and linked sources here:

In the foyer I have the rest of the roses, a Lilly candle from my stash, a bowl of conversation hearts and a printable I made last year from The Greatest Showman. The lampshades are driving me bonkers in this picture but, alas, I do not have the time nor the natural light to retake these pics tonight.

You can find the Greatest Showman printable (and others from the movie) below. My library of printables is HERE.

You can find a full tour of the foyer with sources here:

While it is “sweet and simple”, I think it is just enough to keep things festive! Now, I am off to John’s All Star Basketball Game!!!

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7 thoughts on “Sweet & Simple Decor for Valentine’s Day

  1. My favorite post of every year! 😍
    I picked up a few of the same kitchen towel on the left to give to girlfriends this year. It’s so cute!
    Your boys’ matching clothes were so southern and charming. Your mother always outdid herself and it doesn’t seem that long ago…and now you’re off to all-star games and Clearasil. 😢
    Happy Valentine’s Day to my cinnamon heart sister! ❤💖❤💖 love you, Amanda!

    1. Oh fun! They will love it. You are so right… time flies. When they were dressed like that I couldn’t even dream what these days would be like!

  2. My sister and I love the cinnamon hearts. I grab a “few” bags as soon as they appear in the stores, just so that we don’t miss out each year. The cherry ones are not the same. Enjoy!

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