Easter {Beer} Hunt for Men

I mentioned the other day that Sister and I did some serious brainstorming around making our 2019 Easter Egg hunt fun for the kids – ranging in age from six to thirteen. In doing so, we decided to also surprise the men in the family with their very own hunt. For beer. Hahaha!!

Here’s how we did it:

  • Mother, Sister and I each chose six craft and local beers to hide in the yard.
  • We purchased these practical, highly rated neoprene 6-back bottle carriers to use as their Easter baskets. (We read they are great inside of a cooler too.) *affiliate link*

We laughed until we cried seeing them scurry around the front yard picking up their beers. They all said it was the best Easter ever!

I’m not sure we will even try to come up with anything better than this next year!

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