Week 3 {A Kitchen Update}

We’re almost done and we have a fully functioning kitchen again. This past week the counters, sink and faucet went in and the plumbing and gas was reconnected.

We reused all appliances except the sink and faucet, both of which were donated! Speaking of the sink, taking out the sink in the island and leveling it has made this work space immensely more usable!

Everyone that walks in is floored at how much bigger the entire space looks now! It is a huge difference.

Here’s the view from the den.

I LOVE the new bridge faucet and am very happy with the sink choice. It is so clean and sleek. It is also much more spacious with the straight sides and half divider.

Rohl Faucet | Amerock Granby Drawer Pulls
(affiliate links)

Sink | Small Side Grid
(comes with large side grid)

Berwyn by Cambria

Benjamin Moore Decorators White on Cabinets
Stonybrook on Island

The mudroom had the same cabinets and counter, so this room is getting a fresh coat of paint and update as well.

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The last few items are the backsplash, dry wall repair and paint for the walls, door frames and baseboards. With any luck, we can be done by next weekend!

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18 thoughts on “Week 3 {A Kitchen Update}

  1. The bridge faucet is insane. This is the only feature I haven’t yet been able to talk my husband into. Ah well. I will enjoy yours!

    1. It beautiful and was so expensive I almost didn’t do it. I was telling my mom how much I loved it and she said when my sister built her house she said she would go cheaper on ANYTHING except this exact same faucet (which I didn’t know she even had). I asked her if there were any regrets 10 years later and she said she loves it just as much as she did when she got it. She said her one regret from the beach house was not doing this faucet. That sealed the deal for me.

  2. I love it…but always a fan of your original kitchen.
    Love the leveled island, leveled counter toward your family room, the colors…love it all! What a great way to kick off a summer.

  3. just beautiful!!! love every detail! cant wait to see it completely finished! hope the process is speedy! i’ve always wanted to do a reno but get so overwhelmed. this def makes me want to take the plunge! amazing job as always! xoxox

    1. Thank you so much! This was nothing compared to what a full kitchen reno would be, I presume. I’m DONE with major projects after this. I think next year will be some general maintenance.

  4. It looks fantastic!! May I ask about your appliances? Do you love your fridge/ dishwasher etc.? We need to replace all of ours with stainless and I would love to hear pros and cons. What brand are they? Thank you for any insight you might share.

    1. Of course. All of the appliances, with the exception of the fridge, were here when we moved in. We knew when we bought the house that the fridge had some issues and we replaced that maybe 2 years ago?? Otherwise, they are all 10+ years old. We chose an LG fridge because we liked the last one. The oven and microwave are Kitchenaid. The dishwasher is bosch. I really have not had any major issues with any of them. They all are in HEAVY use as well. I can’t say why the previous owner picked what he did but they have all worked out fine for us.

  5. This is a great visual example of the benefit of a flat island as compared to the 2 levels. I’m so in need of a cabinet refresh. I’m hoping it’s on the list soon!

  6. Amanda~
    It all looks stunning and so beautiful! I know you are loving it. I know I would. Keep the pictures coming. I LOVE the updates.
    Have a wonderful evening.
    Deb :-)

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