Dry Skin Help {Cutemol Skin Cream}

This is going to seem like the most random post, but its something I’ve been meaning to share since Christmas. Sister, Daddy-O and I all suffer from dry skin. Theirs on their hands, and mine on my feet. (I know, a little TMI.) Mother tracked down Cutemol and gave us each a tube for Christmas. I’ve used it every couple of days on the bottoms of my feet and I can say with 100% conviction that it is the first thing that has EVER helped my dry skin. It is extremely thick and doesn’t have some great perfume to it. In fact, it’s far from glamorous. But, it works!

You can find it at the drug store (I’ve seen at CVS and Walgreens) and I tracked it down on Amazon. (I’m not linking it because I don’t personally buy things like this on Amazon after hearing too many stories of the product not being authentic.)

Hoping this helps someone out there as much as it has helped me!


8 thoughts on “Dry Skin Help {Cutemol Skin Cream}

  1. Not linking to Amazon where you could earn a commission if someone used your link because you don’t buy the item from there speaks volumes of your character and is one of the reasons you are my favorite blog to read! Thanks for being honest and awesome!

  2. Thanks so much for this information..i have extremely dry skin everywhere! I’ve had it since birth and am always on the lookout for good products… Neutogenas hydro boost line is very good and absorbs quickly…😊

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