Back to School Door Decor

Happy August, y’all! I’m sure you know what that means for us in Atlanta: Back to School time. I’ve traded out my summer sea creatures for school busses and apples.

No matter how old the boys get, the big yellow bus is the embodiment of school to me. I know many out there that think we go back way too early. My kids don’t know any different and the schedule has suited them well.

I love to dress up the dogs with ribbons to match each monthly door hanger. Many times I purchase one long length new and then save remnants of other colors to tuck in. I keep the ribbons on the same hanger that I store the door decor on so that nothing gets lost.

The side door has the darling apple hanger for August. I used to leave this up until Halloween but a sweet friend gave me a Georgia Tech burlee so that now goes up in September.

Both the bus and the apple are from Bronwyn Hanahan on etsy. I’ve had most of my Bronwyn Hanahan door hangers for at least five years and all have held up wonderfully.

For those of you heading back in early August, I hope your year gets off to a great start. And, for those still in the middle of summer, ENJOY!! It seems to fly by faster every year.

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8 thoughts on “Back to School Door Decor

  1. Changing out my door decor/flags is always how I start the month – your school bus and apple are two of my favorites!

    We start class on the 12th and, for the most part, we’re ready. Happy August! xo

  2. We don’t start until August 27, but your early start buys you a couple of mid-year breaks that we don’t get, plus a school year that ends prior to the last day of May. We all go 180 days, just divided up all different kinds of ways. Your door decorations are always darling!

  3. Happy back to school. I know your boys are getting older so you don’t have the opportunity but I miss your back to school parties!

    Are your great door hangers made of wood?


    1. I know – I miss them too! They are made of wood. I don’t think I’d use them on a door that isn’t covered from the elements. Not sure how they would hold up. My side door is only partially covered and that seems to be fine.

  4. My son is in his thirties now so its been a long time since I did the back to school countdown but most of central VA’s public school system doesn’t start back until after Labor Day. The reason is because they adopted the “Kings Dominion” law. Kings Dominion is a area theme park and they negotiated with lawmakers years ago not to start school early because they wouldn’t be able to supply their work force which largely consists of teenage workers.

    However, that means that most kids in the central VA area don’t get out of school until mid-June. Also, interesting to know is that two school systems in our county have started year round school last year. I haven’t heard yet if this has proved to be successful in improving SOL test scores but I suspect it will. I know many parents who don’t like the thought of year round schools but there has also been an increasing number of parents who are singing the praises of year round school with school breaks throughout the year instead of one long break. Anyway, best wishes to J&W as they begin a new school year!

    1. How interesting! Thanks for sharing. We aren’t year round, but do have a short summer in lieu of breaks during the year. I really like it. I feel like a break comes just when they need it.

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