I Love {Dollar Hydrangea}

I am so excited to share Dollar Hydrangea with you today! They sell bulk hydrangeas delivered to your door for $55 for 50 stems. I was completely skeptical… until I ordered them for myself.

These are the fresh white hydrangeas, but there are a few other options as well, including fresh blue and mini green. You set the delivery date when you place the order and, if I remember correctly, options were Tuesday-Friday.

They arrive in a large box, with each flower head individually wrapped, and each stem in a small baggie of water. They arrived cool, and I made sure to be home so that they didn’t send one extra minute in the blazing 95 degree heat that day. It took some time to unpack them, but I did so right away and filled a large bucket. (see photo above)

I ordered these to use as decor for the Welcome Back Teacher Luncheon at Whit’s school. Fifty-five stems go a LONG way. I made 24 small arrangements, each with just two stems.

And, I decorated two cakes with the extra seven! The luncheon was the day after the flowers arrived and they were still in mint condition. They were quite thirsty and I had to refill every single jar about 18 hours after I first made the arrangements. I took that as a very good sign!

I brought home a few after the luncheon – there were plenty to go around – and have enjoyed them! These pictures were taken two days after they arrived.

The picture below was just taken at 10 days after I received the hydrangeas! Wow! Most of them were tossed but these two are still hanging in. I had to replenish the water every single day, which was crazy. Most flowers I fill up once and then they really don’t drink any more. I just change it to keep it fresh.

I will definitely order these for future events and also think they would be great for gifts – you could easily make 10 great sized arrangements for $55 and many more smaller ones for even less. I think I’m going to do the small green option with red roses for Christmas.

While on the topic of flowers, you can watch my arranging tips in this video:

And tips for reviving hydrangeas in this one:

I’m officially signing off for the weekend! It’s 90-something outside and pool o’clock.

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5 thoughts on “I Love {Dollar Hydrangea}

  1. Would you show us your Christmas arrangement with the red roses? I think that is a great idea but would not know how to make it

  2. Thanks for this information. I’m doing the flowers for an October 9th wedding (grandaughter’s) and this is a great resource. Any other tips you may have will be appreciated. I’ll be going back and reviewing your party and entertaining tips.

    Btw, love the Mr. Peanut man. I remember seeing him in an earlier post or two. Do you think he is still available?

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