Daily Delight {Reviving Hydrangeas}

I’m so excited to share with y’all one of the greatest tips for using cut hydrangeas in flower arrangements today as a Part 2 of sorts to the original Easy Flower Arranging Tips video!  I filmed this one just a few days after the first back in July, hence the summer clothes, longer hair and much better tan.  It sometimes takes me a while to get posts written and I’m always always behind on real life.

It’s funny how I’ll do things or have a little tip about something that is so second nature that  it never occurred to me to share it on the blog.  So, I hope that little nugget makes for some beautiful long last arrangements and maybe saves you a penny or two to boot!!

I’ve got the next video coming in just a few days.  Do let me know if there are any topics that you’d like me to cover on video – I’ve got a running list – and share YOUR flower tips and tricks in the comments!!

Daily Delight Video Series

Easy Flower Arranging Tips  |  Quick Tip for Roses


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15 thoughts on “Daily Delight {Reviving Hydrangeas}

  1. ok – that is amazing! In TX we can’t get ours to grow outside and they are my favorite so I always buy them – this makes me so happy!! Thank you for the tip!

  2. Such a great tip, I had no idea!! I have loved all your videos so far, I would like to see how you set up one of you celebration meals either on the porch or in the kitchen, the tablescapes are always so beautiful and festive!

  3. I love all your videos and posts! I’d love advice on taking care of the actual hydrangea bush. I planted a few bushes several years ago and they are not producing blooms and have brown spots on the leaves. They are alive and growing taller each year but quite the eyesore to me from the beautiful bushes I’d like them to be. Do you have any ideas on what to try? I have so much to learn about flower gardening.

  4. That is AMAZING! Thank you so much!!! So knew?!

    I, too, would love to see your packing techniques, especially when coordinating your family outfits. :-) You really do make everything look so easy! And I am curious about your craft supply storage.

    Your video series is wonderful and so fun.

  5. What a great tip! Hydrangeas are my favorite flower! Thank you! I’d love to see how you do your make-up and skin care routine, how you organize your day and to-do list to accomplish so much, how you plan and pack for your vacations and how you organize and store your holiday decor. All would be fabulous! LOVE your new videos!

  6. Great tip. How warm/hot would you say the water is……too warm/hot for washing your face or temp of a bottle of formula for a baby or???

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