Rolling into Fifth and Eighth {First Day of School Snack}

In addition to our pancake breakfast, our other first day of school standing tradition is a special snack to welcome them home. I started this on John’s first day of Kindergarten and it never got old.

You will see that I seamlessly transitioned our breakfast set-up right into snack time. The theme for this year’s snack was Rolling into 5th and 8th grade.

When I first started to think of an idea, I figured that I didn’t have to do one thing for both of them. They come home at separate times so I initially thought I would pick them each up their favorite food to enjoy. I planned to get John a cinnamon roll and Whit a sushi roll. And then it dawned on me… a “roll” theme Haha! I ended up getting them each a little of both and they absolutely loved it.

I have a small stash of chalkboards that I use for parties, entertaining, holiday decor, etc. There is no time like back to school to drag them out! I actually had everything in all of the pictures, other than the roll of writing paper (dollar spot at Target) that I cut into place mats.

The white platter is Coton Colors with the school bus mini attachment. I used a blue, yellow, red and black color scheme based on the bus.

I created the Roll a Topic game just for this snack! You can find the free printable in this post. HERE

I have already heard from so many of you on how you used it with your kids (of all ages), in scout groups and in classrooms. I just love that!

Finally, you can view the snack setup in video form below!

If you’re curious, the first days went off flawlessly. Both kids are the “BMOC – big man on campus” this year (that saying was fun to explain to them) and school seems old hat. Whit said he loves his teacher because she loves animals and has “a lot” of them. He said he learned that math is going to be hard this year and his classmates are great. John said that he loves his lunch class. He learned how to introduce himself in Spanish and said that having “solo” orchestra checks makes him nervous. I pray that this year goes as well as today! <3

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4 thoughts on “Rolling into Fifth and Eighth {First Day of School Snack}

  1. So fun!

    This is the first year my boys will be DRIVING themselves to classes on Mondays – as a junior and a freshman.

    I’m glad to hear first day went so well, and hope it’s indicative of the rest of the school year. Happy Friday! xo

  2. So sweet. Brings back memories with my boys.

    I always made homemade chocolate chip cookies warm right out of the oven when they got off the school bus. My boys also arrived at different times.

    One year I was at the grocery store that first school day and commented to the gal waiting on me, I need to get home and start my cookies explaining to her they are always warm coming out of the oven first day of school. This nice very senior lady behind me joined in on our chat and said, “honey don’t you own a microwave? You can mic them they will never notice the difference”. Still makes me smile thinking back.

    Enjoy all these memories with them. They grow up too fast.

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