Lighten the Mood {Fall Nail Color}

After two days of deep thoughts, I’m going to “Lighten the Mood” around here and share my new favorite fall nail color! See what I did there?!

I have rotated between three nail colors – Strawberry Margarita (OPI), Marshmallow (white, Essie) and Coke Red (custom OPI color) – without fail for years. I have never found a fall color I love because I just don’t do grays, purples or dark things on my nails. (Other than when Sister gave me a galactic mani in the airport two weeks ago. ha) This is primarily because I use my nails all the time and dark colors are not very forgiving chip wise, but also because the traditional fall colors don’t match any of my clothes.

So, when I saw Essie’s Lighten the Mood at Target, I couldn’t help but “fall” in love!

I know my nails are far from perfect. I get a mani pedi every other month or so, and do my own in between. This one is a DIY job, as if that’s wasn’t blatantly obvious. :-)

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9 thoughts on “Lighten the Mood {Fall Nail Color}

  1. Thanks for the tip on the light color. I too prefer the lighter colors on my hands. On my toes, anything goes. I love Marshmallow and one of Essie’s pink colors (can’t remember the name). I will give this one a try. I do like to use Essie’s Chinchilla in the fall, it’s a fun, toasty mocha.

    1. I do have a lighter Essie pink as well – it might be called ballet something. I forgot about that one! Thanks for the tip on Chinchilla.

  2. Have you ever tried Taupeless Beach from OPI? that’s my standard fall color usually. It goes with everything!!!

    I have it on my nails at the moment, actually. A DYI job on my end, too. ;)

  3. Nice color. Custom OPI colors??? Do tell more. My nail length the last few years is similar to yours in the picture. But 2 yrs ago I went to “Shellac” polishes at the nail salon on my natural nails and love how long it lasts. And I am not easy on my hands, seldom wear gloves doing hand dishes or anything indoors. Outdoors I’m pretty good at remembering gloves. That type of polish with a gel topcoat is so strong.

    1. Haha! OPI did a custom set of colors for Coke. I LOVE the Coke Red but it is drying out. Do you find the shellac polishes harm your nails or weaken them?

  4. I’m the same way! I usually stick to the same lighter colors! I love this one! I def need to check it out! Also if you like a gel effect I like the Essie Gel ones – i like the red one- I usually use it in between when I get shellac if I don’t get to the nail salon and feel like saving money. Have a good weekend!!

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