I thought I’d do a little week in review…

John made two requests for this week’s menu, both of which are always crowd pleasers. The first is walking tacos…

And the second is Chicken & Fettuccine Alfredo. This one is pretty involved and destroys my kitchen so save it for a weekend. :-)

The rest of the week’s menu included salads with grilled chicken, loaded baked potatoes and lots of leftovers. We typically eat at home 6 nights a week. :-)

I am really, really good and completing goals when I have a starting point that makes sense to me. I set out to close all of my rings (for non-Apple users, they are move, exercise and stand) for the month of August. I got all the way to August 29 and found out a few hours into the day that my watch hadn’t fully charged. This was the day Sister and I spent 17 hours in a theme park so I met the goal, but my watch didn’t capture it. Just as soon as that glitch, I was over it and the month was considered a loss to me. We were traveling the first few days of September and I didn’t close my rings on day one, so now this month is a loss to me as well. Honey just cannot understand this reasoning. I’ve now got my sights set on October. HAHA.

I haven’t shared this because it really doesn’t matter, but there are three words I HATE (in addition to more obvious ones). They are sucks, crap and piss off. I’m not a total stick in the mud, I just strongly dislike these words. That being said, I am still laughing at this shared by a friend this week… I mean, every line just got better than the last.

For the many that asked, my parents did not evacuate Savannah. It was a non-event there and they had nothing more than some leaves and twigs to clean up. My heart goes out to the areas devastated by Dorian, and I am not trying to make light of the situation. But, this did make me laugh. Also, you could scratch out the name “Dorian” and write in “Sister” and that would also be v. accurate. bwahahahaha

Finally, the baby pic of Elsa Belle popped up on my Instagram!! She has outgrown her Lilly collar, but still uses the leash and flower embellishment!

Have a great rest of your weekend! We’re off to celebrate a friend’s 50th tonight!

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7 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I’m so glad to hear that your parents survived the storm. There are just a few people I know of on the coast so your sister’s family and your parents immediately came to mind as I was blowing with all my might to keep Dorian away from my beloved GA coast.

  2. Your comment on words you don’t like made me chuckle. Mine is the phrase “dang it” which seems to be very popular with the tween set these days. Both of my kids know I don’t like it and try to refrain from using it when I’m around but I know it gets used plenty when I’m not there. To me it’s the equivalent of swearing. I don’t really care for the three you mentioned but they don’t give me the same reaction. I just think there are better ways of phrasing things (think Dead Poets Society and being lazy with language).

    1. Haha! Yes, everyone probably has their words. I’m SURE my kids use them when I’m not around but I’m not policing that. :-)

  3. John has good taste – both recipes are hits here! I’m much the same with goals… all or nothing; those three words ARE crass; I’m thrilled your parents weren’t impacted by Dorian, and look at sweet, tiny Elsa! Precious! xo

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