Sweets & Treats {Brownie Bowl Sundaes}

I’m going to start this post with two notes. First, the brownie bowl pan was a complete impulse buy for which I have no regrets. :-) Second, as I’ve gotten older and had to work harder at staying healthy and keeping my family healthy, a dessert has to be worth it for me to make it or eat it. This one fit the bill and I finished my plate, also with no regrets. Haha!

We hosted some of Honey’s co-workers for dinner a couple of weeks ago and, with three kids in attendance (John was out), I wanted one decadent option that would suit all ages. Brownie bowl sundaes were make ahead friendly, company worthy and delicious on a hot night!

Since I’m not sharing a recipe as much as an idea, I think the key to making a simple dessert memorable lies both in the quality of the ingredients and the presentation. Along those lines…

  • My favorite brownie mix for years, and one I never stray from, is the Ghiradelli double chocolate box. I buy it at Costco and keep it on hand. It costs a little more than the other usual suspects but is SO worth it if you haven’t tried it.
  • John fell in love with Tillamook cheese in Canada and Alaska and the ice cream was equally delicious. I’m not necessarily endorsing this brand – I just look to purchase a real vanilla bean ice cream that’s on sale and this one was. He was excited.
  • Now, I fell in love with amarena cherries when we were staying at the Peabody in Memphis and they served them in their Jack Daniels Peach Sour. I’ve never been able to recreate the cocktail (PLEASE tell me if you know how) but I did start buying amarena cherries immediately. They are expensive as far as cherries go, but are so worth it. This jar is from Williams Sonoma and goes a long way. I think I’ve had it for about a year. They are delicious in cocktails, mocktails, on ice cream, on cheesecakes and so on and so forth.
  • My brownie bowl pan is also from Williams Sonoma. I originally saw it on Amazon but the options there had pretty poor reviews.

I used two packs of brownie mix, doubling that recipe. It made exactly 11 bowls. The pan didn’t come with baking instructions. I cooked them at 325 on convect for 30 minutes the morning of our dinner. When serving, be SURE to spoon cherry juice over the top!

As for the rest of the meal, we enjoyed grilled pork tenderloin, twice baked potato casserole, green beans gremolata and apple cider salad to start. Outside of grilling the pork, much of the meal was prepared in advance and just finished off before serving.

Have a sweet Sunday!

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3 thoughts on “Sweets & Treats {Brownie Bowl Sundaes}

  1. As a Seattle native, Tillamook is totally worth endorsing :) Their cheddar is the best and their ice cream is some of, if not the best real ice cream you can find in the store. I’m glad it’s making it’s way out east. When I lived in NC the only place I could get cheese was Costco and pre sliced but I made it work because it’s so much better and less greasy than other cheeses. If you ever visit Portland, OR make the short trip to Tillamook the town to visit their creamery.

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