Two Go-To Trader Joe’s Hot Appetizers

We are just back from our trip and, needless to say, I will not be making a Sunday Supper this week. I did want to pop in with two Trader Joe’s appetizers that I like to keep in my freezer for a last minute invite. Both are quite good and I’ve served them multiple times each!

The first is puff pastry bites. Simply pop them in the oven and then stick them on a plate. They are really good!

The other is this mushroom flatbread. Now, you DO need to be a fan of mushrooms to like this one. They have some other flatbreads that I sometimes pick up as well. I bake it and then cut it into strips. Here I set it out with chocolate covered espresso beans and almonds. I can’t even remember what this was for. Ha!

For when you have more time on your hands, I recently shared my two favorite make head appetizers last week in this post:

Have a great Sunday! I’ll be drowning in laundry and steeling myself to check back in to work tomorrow. :-) I’d love to know if you have any favorite Trader Joe’s apps – or otherwise – to share!

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