Downton Abbey

I finally saw Downton Abbey the movie last week with a group of girlfriends and it was just as amazing as I had hoped! I thought we could chat a little today about all things Downton. If you haven’t yet seen it, the following does contain spoilers.

I absolutely loved the Downton rewind at the beginning. It had me grinning like the cheshire cat (other than the part where I was mad again that Matthew had to die). As the movie started, I felt like I was stepping into the home of an old friend that I hadn’t seen in way too long. The Dowager was absolutely on fire with her wit and quips and always enjoy the banter with Isobel. I loved that Lady Edith has finally found her place. Tom grew on me over the course of the series and I was so happy that he seems to be falling in love again. That was a fun new development! I was thrilled that Mr. Carson came back to the house for the royal visit. How could he not??!! Mr. Molesley at the dinner made me literally laugh out loud.

I would have loved to see more of Lady Mary and her husband together, as opposed to that cameo at the end. My other regret was that the ball was disappointing in the end. They built it up so much that I was hoping for a splendid evening with lavish gowns and such. The 1920’s style was a let down, even though I should have seen it coming. When Edith’s dress finally came I actually thought it looked like something sewn out of the Sound of Music curtains. Ha!

I definitely felt like they left the ending open for more and would absolutely love to see another one. Now that I’ve shared my stream of consciousness thoughts, what did YOU think??

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7 thoughts on “Downton Abbey

  1. It’s hard to fit everything I wanted into a 2-hour movie when we get about 11 hours of screen time in a season, but I was really happy with the movie! I felt like a lot of the downstairs cast didn’t really have much of a plot (other than Thomas), but again, there’s only so much you can cover in 2 hours. I mean after everything the Bateses went through, it’s almost a relief that their big issue was not being able to serve ha! You nailed it when you said it was like visiting with old friends you hadn’t seen in a while – I MISSED them! I read online that there is talk of another film, I would LOVE that!

  2. Oh I agree Amanda…it was so comforting to hear that music and to see everyone again. For a moment I thought Mary’s little girl was Marigold. Then I remembered Mary had been pregnant at the end of DA. I believe she called her Caroline at the end when she was talking to Granny. I think the Downstairs staff pulled off a big achievement in dealing with the Kins’s butler. Of course, Maggie Smith stole the show as usual!! I look forward to another one as I hear it is in the works.

  3. I too felt like I was catching up with old friends. There wasn’t much to the plot line but it was beautiful to watch. Yes lady Mary storyline was pretty flat, but I guess there’s only so much you can put into 2.5 hrs vs six seasons. The next day I had a little tea party with my mom and daughter to celebrate.

  4. I loved it and think it really left the door open for the next Downton! I want to see it again just to catch all of the quips……and for another perfect visit!
    Love, Marme

  5. I loved it….I too felt like I was visiting friends I had not seen in awhile. Some parts not so much but that is the way of the world. I do miss the series but I am enjoying Poldark now, unfortunately this is the final season. Downton was certainly a great place to visit again!

  6. My husband and I loved the movie and it didn’t miss a beat from the series. I hope there’s more also. The Dowager is the best part but I’m also partial to Tom. I wish there was more of a story line about John and Anna Bates! I really became attached to their story. Overall, I’d give it a 10 ⭐️!

  7. I thought Lady Mary looked absolutely beautiful in the movie and I am surprised I haven’t seen her vogue haircut becoming popular again. I have always been a fan of Tom and have rooted for him since the beginning so it was nice to see him find love again in the movie.

    As always the Dowager was her usual self full of her famous one-liner zingers. I also loved the story line about the downstairs staff getting even with the Kings butler and palace staff. Of course, my husband and I both left the theatre saying there would no doubt be a sequel as it left many story lines open and us fans asking for more!

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