Race Medal Christmas Ornaments DIY

We absolutely LOVE runDisney race events and have done more than I can count over the years between the four of us. A lot of work, training and memories are behind every one of these medals – from the 5ks to the 10ks to the half marathon! I used to keep them hanging in my bathroom, but they didn’t really fit once we renovated last year.

I took some time this holiday season to turn the race medals into Christmas ornaments! Every single ornament on our tree is there for a reason, so these fit in perfectly. Here’s how I did it.

  1. Cut the velcro ends off of the ribbon.

2. Start to form a bow with the ribbon. I did this by creating the loop to the left first. I did not create the traditional first half knot. I just went directly to the bow since race ribbons are usually so bulky.

3. Then, pull down the ribbon on the right to lay directly over the loop on the left.

4. Finish pulling it through to make a bow. Using this bow tying technique keeps the bows straight! I tie all of my bows like this.

5. Trim your ribbons to be even and notch at the ends, if desired.

6. Attach an ornament hook. Note: If you watched my live stories, I looped the ornament hook through the ribbon. I have since changed them all to have the ornament hook attached directly to the race medal loop. This will keep your bows from untying and your medals from crashing off of your tree!

You can see here my final collection! I hung the boys’ medals on their trees, and the medals one my Honey and me on our family tree.

I hope you’re having a wonderful December!!

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