Capital Bee Co. Inspired Charcuterie Board

I mentioned in one of my Savannah posts during our Christmas visit that I finally popped into may parent’s neighbor’s shop, Capital Bee Company. I fell in love with their unique honey offerings in the tasting bar and knew then and there that it was what I wanted to bring for the appetizer at our New Years Eve party!

I knew I wanted raspberry honey, maple honey and the honeycomb from Savannah bees. Here is the plan we put in place that afternoon:

Raspberry Honey
– boursin cheese
– creamy havarti
– fresh raspberries
– water crackers

Maple Honey
– mini biscuits (I love Mrs. B’s tea biscuits so grabbed those)
– ham (left over from Juju’s honey baked ham at our Christmas meal)

Savannah Bee Honeycomb
– vermont white cheddar
– apples

Wisham Jellies FIRE! Pepper Jelly (not from Capital Bee, but just a favorite)
– brie
– water crackers

Other Additions, just because we love them
– pickled okra
– wine soaked cheese
– almonds
– benne wafers (Byrd’s Cookie Co)
– smoked gouda

My wood platter is from the Hearth and Hand line at Target. I eyed it before Christmas and used gift cards to make it mine. It is perfect for this sort of spread since the lip keeps everything from sliding off in transit.

A few tips:

  • Pre cut your cheese (and apples) if you are using a board that is not a cutting board. This also makes grazing so much easier! The only piece of cheese that wasn’t eaten was the piece of white cheddar we left uncut. In fact, it was the only thing on the board not eaten!
  • If you’re using anything like raspberries that might stain your board, put it in a small bowl. I have a variety of small ramekins and dishes that double up perfectly in this situation.
  • If you’re using something wet or runny, same suggestion as above. You can see I put the okra pickles and 1/4 of the honeycomb in a very small dish, just to keep them off of the board.
  • I had small cards that explained the best pairings.
  • I baked the entire bag of 24 biscuits and just refilled the platter. Most were eaten!
  • We had 11 hungry adults and nearly everything was gone!
  • My neighborhood Kroger has the very best selection of cheeses and I got everything pictured in one fell swoop.

Preparing this was quite easy and everyone was literally oohing and ahhing over it. I’d say it was a huge success and something we will definitely do again!

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2 thoughts on “Capital Bee Co. Inspired Charcuterie Board

  1. Looks good. Can you describe the cards suggesting the pairings? Just laying on the counter along side the board? I think the only remaining item on the board, the unsliced cheese is a hint we should all pass attention to…..I don’t want my guests working to cut/slice cheese or fruits. The less handled the better.

    1. Yes! I just had them on a small place card holder standing behind the board. I’m sorry I don’t have a pic. AND YES – that was a key takeaway for me too. Pre cut everything!

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