Little Women

Bestie M went to see Little Women Monday night and it was just wonderful. I read the books a couple of times, in middle school and again in high school. I was so enamored by the March sisters. As y’all know, “Marme” is the name Sister and I have used for Mother since the beginning of time. Seeing all of this come to life so beautifully on the big screen was emotional and enjoyable.

Daddy-O took Mother and one of her besties to see it a couple of weeks ago. They too loved every minute. She really should have given us a mascara alert!

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I’ve been inspired to re-read Little Women again! It’s funny how you can see a movie or read a book at another season of life and feel so differently about certain parts. I talked about this a little when I re-read Gone with the Wind as an adult.

I’ve had this beautiful copy of the story for years. It is one in a set from Puffin Classics.

Have you seen Little Women? What did you think?

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3 thoughts on “Little Women

  1. My girls and I are little women fans from the beginning and now that extends to my granddaughters too. We love all versions and went as a group after Christmas to see the newest movie. We loved it even though i was sure it could not compete with the last. But i found we loved it as well. It’s on my re-read list. Love the cover of your version.

  2. I absolutely loved it! I loved the story and the characters but thought the artistic element was so beautiful – every detail was special.

    1. Agreed. The only thing I struggled with was Emma Watson at times. She will always be Hermoine Granger to me. :-)

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